Only fifty of these shoes will ever exist!

Sports shoe and activewear brand Puma is at it again with their awesome collaborations. After the release of their Super Mario basketball shoes earlier this month,  now they’ve gone and created a new pair of soccer cleats inspired by the Shibuya Scramble crossing, and it looks like we’ll be emptying our bank accounts once again!

The new cleats are part of a special Puma collection known as City Pack, whose designs are inspired by cities around the world that are leaders in soccer culture. This particular pair is produced in collaboration with the soccer lifestyle magazine Mundial JPN, and will be sold exclusively at soccer shop Kamo.

With a sneaker body in black and white to emulate the endless crisscrossing crosswalks of the Shibuya Scramble intersection, these shoes are certainly an embodiment of the popular shopping and tourist area.

But the shoes also represent Tokyo as a whole, especially the city’s complicated roadway system. The toes are red to emulate traffic cones, and the puma logo on the heel is yellow, like cautionary traffic signs.

The blue and white bottom is meant to look like the direction signs used on Tokyo’s roads. The arrows are pointing every which way to not only show the many directions you can go in Tokyo, but also to represent how soccer players use clever footwork to dance past their opponents.

These are extremely limited-edition shoes, with only 50 being made in the whole world. Reservations for the cleats, which costs 27,500 yen (US$262), started on September 19, but there are still some sizes available on Kamo’s online shop, so if you must have them, don’t wait. They’ll also be available for sale at KAMO’s Shibuya store starting on the 25th, but we’d recommend you order sooner rather than later, because you know how limited edition things tend to zoom off the shelves!

Source: Shibuya Keizai Shimbun, Kamo
Images: Kamo Online Store

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