Choosing four keywords tells if you’re on the path to becoming Raichu, Gyarados, or one of more than 30 other Pokémon, and how to level up in life.

Last year, the Pokémon Center specialty store chain released an official Pokémon personality quiz through its recruiting website, asking you a series of questions to determine which species of Pocket Monster you most closely resemble.

But just like we humans grow and learn, so too do Pokémon, who evolve into newer, stronger forms once they acquire enough life experience. So the Pokémon Center is back with a new personality quiz, this time to reveal what sort of Pokémon you will evolve into.

Taking the test is simple: just go the quiz’s website here and select the four keywords that best describe the kind of person you want to become. Click on the keywords, wait a few seconds for the test to process, and you’ll get your result, plus an analysis of the personality traits that evolution embodies and what you can do to help yourself evolve that way too.

Oh, wait. I should have said the test is simple if you can read Japanese. But since my Wobbuffet-like personality means I don’t want anyone to feel sad or left out, here’s an English explanation of how to take the test and the results for all 35 possible Pokémon.

First up, the keyword options are:
● Positive (ポジティブ)
● Confident (自身)
● Efficient (効率的)
● Intelligent (知識)
● Attentive/considerate (気配り)
● Hungry/ambitious (ハングリーさ)
● Decisive (決断力)
● Cooperative (協調性)
● Influential (影響力)
● Active (行動力)
● Effective (実行力)
● Full of ideas (アイディア)
● Persistent/Determined (継続力)
● Responsible (責任感)
● Sincere (誠実さ)
● Patient/enduring (忍耐)
● Analytical (分析力)
● Strategic (戦略性)
● Logical/cogitative (思考力)
● Humble (謙虚さ)

And now, on to the results for Ampharos, Arcanine, Azumarill, Beedrill, Blastoise, Blissey, Butterfree, Charizard, Clefable, Dodrio, Dragonite, Dugtrio, Eevee, Electrode, Gengar, Golduck, Gyarados, Kingdra, Lucario, Machamp, Magnezone, Marowak, Ninetales, Persian, Pidgeot, Raichu, Scizor, Slowking, Snorlax, Starmie, Togekiss, Tyranitar, Venusaur, Wigglytuff, and Wobbuffet (listed alphabetically).

● Ampharos
A smart leader who brings everyone together

This evolution’s strength is its ability to break complex topics down into their simple components. By making sure no one is wasting their time or energy, Ampharos raises the team’s productivity.
To evolve like this: Prioritize your goals, and take care of the most important ones first.

● Arcanine
An intelligent leader who succeeds through smarts

With smart decisions that keep everything progressing smoothly, this evolution uses its experiences and knowledge to give appropriate directions to the team. Because Arcanine’s advice makes sense, it earns the trust of its teammates.
To evolve like this: Learn to express your thoughts clearly.

● Azumarill
A team player who cares about more than just themselves

This flexible evolution succeeds by cooperating with others to get things done. While Azumarill can work independently, it produces the best results when working happily with its teammates.
To evolve like this: Be proactive in taking on challenges.

A leader who spurs the team into action with pinpoint planning

This evolution’s precise ideas can pierce even the toughest problems. Beedrill is a leader who gets everyone involved.
To evolve like this: When something grabs your interest, research all you can about it.

A leader who never loses composure

This evolution always stays cool under fire and makes cool-headed decisions. Blastoise imparts that same feeling to the team, making everyone feel calm and secure.
To evolve like this: Throw yourself into challenging situations.

Always caring and willing to help those in need

This evolution values peace and harmony within the team, and is always considerate towards others. Other members of the team rely on Blissey as someone they can talk to when they’re feeling uneasy or have a problem.
To evolve like this: Always make it a point to lend your ear when someone wants to talk.

A logical planner committed to teamwork

This evolution never neglects communication with teammates, leading to smart strategies. By putting together plans based on a thorough understanding of everyone’s position, Butterfree makes great things happen.
To evolve like this: Never neglect proper preparations.

A charismatic leader everyone wants to follow

This evolution combines initiative and decisiveness. Charizard attracts followers and gives everyone the energetic push to overcome difficulties.
To evolve like this: Believe in yourself, and start by doing whatever you can.

A vital member of the team who gets things done with the power of friendliness

This compassionate evolution listens to the worries and troubles of everyone around them. Clefable’s kindness lets it impart a sense of security, and keeps the team looking forward to brighter things to come.
To evolve like this: Put yourself in the other person’s shoes when you’re listening to them.

A reliable ally with instantaneous initiative

No matter how tough the problem is, this evolution reacts swiftly. Dodrio is comfortable working as part of a team, and can also be a leader when needed.
To evolve like this: Always keep people up to date on what’s going on.

A balance of kindness, strictness, and wisdom

Usually kind, but stern when it’s called for, this evolution dispenses both soft-spoken suggestions and direct, no-nonsense advice. Dragonite has the wisdom to know when to offer each, building trust as a leader.
To evolve like this: Always start by listening kindly.

A skilled partner with ideas for the whole team

This evolution can think by itself, but it also excels at crafting collaborative plans where the whole team works together. Dugtrio makes good things happen by talking with the people around it.
To evolve like this: Cooperate with others to get all the way to the bottom of whatever problem you’re trying to solve


An all-arounder who can handle anything
Eevee’s strength is flexibility, as it can evolve into many different forms. Through experiencing various positions and situations, Eevee will become a one-of-a-kind pro.
To evolve like this: Challenge yourself to try new things.

Explosive energy that gets everyone else moving too

Bursting with vitality, this evolution is always active, and finishes all its projects. Electrode isn’t afraid of failure, and takes the stance that learning from mistakes is exciting.
To evolve like this: Don’t worry, and just do it.

A tactician who gets things done with self-developed plans

This evolution excels at putting together intricate plans and executing them. Gengar even comes up with ways to pull off things that everyone else wasn’t sure could be done.
To evolve like this: Stay brave, and don’t let other people’s opinions get you down.

A cerebral type who can think things through

Through constant study, this evolution can identify the essential core of a situation and develop the best strategy. Even in a crisis, Golduck stays calm and logical, and is someone friends can rely on.
To evolve like this: If there’s something you’re interested in, learn all you can about it.

Never gives up, no how matter how hard the challenge

Even when it lacks knowledge and experience, this evolution holds on to its dreams and goals, and never, ever gives up. Even if things don’t go well for Gyarados in the beginning, those tiny bits of day-by-day progress will eventually pay off.
To evolve like this: Right now, do your absolute best with whatever challenge is right in front of you.

A strategic and reliable ally who gets straight to the point

This efficient evolution can figure out the shortest path to a problem’s solution. Kingdra’s ability to get everyone moving in the same direction through effective planning makes it a capable leader.
To evolve like this: Keep your explanations concise and precise.

A brave friend with an indominable spirit

An evolution that puts its whole heart into working towards its goals. When problems pop up, Lucario keeps its cool and helps the team find a way to get over the hurdles.
To evolve like this: Never, ever lose faith in yourself.

A powerful hard worker

Stoic like a star athlete, this evolution is strong and active, and can throw itself even at challenges it’s not personally interested in or used to. Machamp doesn’t beat itself up over small mistakes, and has the discipline to thrive even in the face of adversity.
To evolve like this: Pick something worthwhile to do, and do it every day.

An intellectual who unites everyone logically

Intelligently inspired, this evolution uses unique ideas to solve problems. Magnezone’s ideas often help the team reach a consensus.
To evolve like this: Find friends and partners you can trust.

A persistent worker who keeps at it until it gets results
This evolution combines good planning skills with the mental toughness to see those plans through. Marowak goes all-out on the tasks at hand, one after another until that effort blossoms.
To evolve like this: Learn to always believe in yourself.

An advisor who brings life to the team with beautiful ideas

With uniquely attractive ideas, this evolution has a different perspective from others, and gets things done with its own ideas. You can count on Ninetails to have good advice for the rest of the team.
To evolve like this: Try thinking about things from many different perspectives.

Worldly, clever, and able to work well with anyone

This eloquent evolution forms amicable partnerships with others to get things done. That might sound calculating, but Persian is great at forming win-win relationships.
To evolve like this: Make a point of thinking about how your actions can benefit others.

A fast-mover who lifts everyone up

Taking action in a flash, this evolution shows no hesitation or fear of failure, even when trying things for the first time. Pidgeot can also draw out the talents of others, so while things might be a little rocky at first, in the end they’ll turn out just fine.
To evolve like this: Learn to learn from your mistakes.

A positive force who brightens the mood and brings the team together

This evolution has great communication skills, creating trust between friends and coworkers. And if the going gets tough, Raichu is ready to take on a cheerful leadership role too.
To evolve like this: Talk to many people with different ways of thinking.

A teammate whose speedy efficiency produces results

When this evolution has a goal, it keeps at it every day until it gets it done. Those experiences let Scizor provide its teammates with advice about how to maximize their efficiency too.
To evolve like this: Give yourself a little objective every day, and complete it.

An adviser whose enthusiastic strategies lead to success

This evolution can see how things are going to play out through objective analysis, and makes sound decisions as a result. With a laid-back vibe, other team members seek out Slowking’s advice.
To evolve like this: Take a step back, and take a look at what other people are up to.

Always bold, never timid

This positive evolution never gets riled up. When things get tough, Snorlax keeps its foundation and overcomes the challenge at its own pace, with a unique perspective that others respect.
To evolve like this: Praise yourself for even small accomplishments.

An intellectual who produces speedy results

Skillful and quick-thinking, this evolution gets things done in an efficient manner. Starmie takes initiative even with first-time challenges, making progress through trial and error.
To evolve like this: Always be aware of opportunities to learn new things from what you’re doing.

A tolerant and active nexus

Generous and emotionally supportive, this evolution can get things done and can be a positive guiding influence on others. Togekiss knows what strengths the team needs to emphasize for each situation, and works well with all sorts of teammates.
To evolve like this: Try doing things for the sake of others.

A parental presence whose vitality inspires trust

In times of trouble, this reliable evolution protects the other members of the team. When others see the powerful Tyranitar working towards its dreams, they’re inspired to follow.
To evolve like this: Put earnest care into even small tasks.

A leader who emphasizes teamwork

Bringing together groups with diverse sets of talents, this evolution can understand people of various personalities, skill levels, and backgrounds, and guide them to their goal. Venusaur is good at making a comfortable environment for everyone, and at resolving disputes between teammates.
To evolve like this: Make lots of new friends.

A sincere, supportive, and empathetic presence

Even if it’s something no one else likes doing, this evolution will get it done to help everyone out. When you’re in a pinch, Wigglytuff will lend you a hand.
To evolve like this: Interact with everyone equally, without playing favorites.

A positive thinker, even in the face of adversity

Always staying positive and never wanting to hurt anybody, this evolution never writes off friends or coworkers, and stays cheerful while overcoming challenges. Wobbuffet’s attitude translates into action when it needs to, and leads the team to a good place.
To evolve like this: Always remember to look at the fun side of things.

Oh, and don’t worry if you didn’t get the evolution you want, because as each entry explains, our Poké-fates aren’t set in stone, but something we make for for ourselves with the choices we make every day.

Source: Pokémon Center via IT Media
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