The coronavirus pandemic has Jason adding some extra precautions to his night of killing this year. 

For some, Friday the 13th is lucky, for others it’s unlucky, and for Jason Voorhees, the cold-blooded murderer from the Friday the 13th horror movie series, it’s the busiest time of year.

2020, however, has thrown a spanner into the works for the hockey-masked Jason, who had to call off his activities on 13 March due to the coronavirus. You may recall him making this announcement from Japan at the time.

“This month’s Friday the 13th has been called off.”

Now, on 13 November, Jason has had to adapt to the new normal once again, and this time it comes with a heap of new rules he didn’t have to deal with back in his heyday throughout the ’80s, when he was slashing people up on screen.

His latest photo shows him preparing for this Friday with some extra essentials, because although he’s a cold-blooded killer, he’s not a senseless idiot who doesn’t follow government guidelines.

The photo above reveals that Jason:

  • Has checked his body temperature, which is 36.2 degrees Celsius (97.16 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Has covered his mouth and nose with a face mask
  • Is outdoors in a well-ventilated area
  • Is practicing social distancing
  • Has washed and sterilised his hands
  • Has sterilised his axe

With all those coronavirus countermeasures in place, it looks like Jason is all clear to start work! He’s certainly not going to let the pandemic get in his way of doing what he does best on Friday the 13th, as he’s been preparing for the day ever since he switched his wall calendar over to November.

“This month’s 13th…is on a Friday!!”

On 6 November, he held a press conference to assure everyone that “This month’s Friday the 13th will take place with thorough infection countermeasures.”

And on 8 November, he began the countdown to the big day.

▼ Five more days

▼ Four more days

▼ Two more days

▼ And on the day before the 13th, he was seen sterilising his tools.

However, during the day on the 13th, Jason checked the news on his phone and found that the number of people infected in Japan was the highest it’s ever been.

And so Jason decided to do the socially responsible thing and made a public announcement.

“Due to the current spread of infections, today’s Friday the 13th will be cancelled.”

As the world breathed a sigh of relief at the news, it must’ve been a sad day for Jason, and his mate Freddy Krueger also appeared to be shocked by the statement.

While it’s unclear whether the decision was made with the safety of society or himself in mind, we’re just happy to hear that Jason will be putting his sterilised axe away for the evening. And Jason’s handler, @suekichiii, is happy to report that the masked murderer is now at home, drowning his sorrows with sake and a nabe hotpot with Sadako and Chucky.

Well, we’ll all sleep a little better tonight knowing that Jason has decided to call off his usual Friday the 13th activities. Now we’ll just have to wait until August 2021, the next time the 13th falls on a Friday, to see if the coronavirus will have subsided enough to allow him to carry out his duties as normal.

That will be shortly after the Tokyo Olympics is scheduled to end, so if you’re here in Japan at that time, be sure to watch your back and keep an eye on our site for all the important updates!

Source, featured image: Twitter/@suekichiii
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