Man vs. Massive Bowl of Cup Ramen.

On 18 September 1971, Nissin introduced us to Cup Noodle, the world’s first-ever instant cup noodle. Now, 50 years later, they’re introducing us to a new series of Cup Noodle, one that combines eight of their best-selling flavours in a way we’ve never seen before, and they’re calling it the Cup Noodle Super Combined series.

Each variety in the series contains a mix of two mainstay flavours, carefully selected and blended with tried-and-tested ratios to deliver the best flavour combinations. After tasting them individually ourselves, we were convinced we could use them to create an even more powerful type of Cup Noodle in celebration of the brand’s 50th birthday, so we set out to combine them all into one massive, powerful bowl of super super combined ramen. 

The combined flavours we’ll be combining today are:

▼ Siupoodle (Shio salt and original Cup Noodle)

▼ Searry (seafood and curry)

▼ Cheechili Curmato (Chilli Tomato and European Cheese Curry)

▼ And Tonso (Tonkotsu pork bone broth and Miso)

According to the ad below for the Super Combined Series, each variety already has combined superpowers of its own, so combining all four together was a dangerous task, with the potential to create a power so super it might take down more than just one giant pink monster in Shinjuku.

The only person in the office up to a task of this magnitude was our fearless reporter P.K. Sanjun, who tied his hair back with a clip, wiped his hands clean on his jeans, and filled up the four new Cup Noodles with boiling water.

After waiting three minutes as directed, P.K. whipped out his big ceramic hot pot and dumped all the noodles into it, making sure to empty every last drop of broth from each container.

He then gave the mix a quick stir with his chopsticks and sat down to eat his massive bowl of Super Super Combined Cup Noodle.

Raising the giant bowl to his quivering lips, P.K. took a sip of the broth. And then he sipped again. He couldn’t quite believe it, but the combination of flavours was absolutely exquisite! All the different flavours had intertwined together, creating a broth so delicious it knocked him for six and left him lost for words.

▼ This was one powerful bowl of ramen.

P.K.’s palate is usually exact in its deciphering of flavour, but here he was defeated. He found himself unable to liken the broth to anything or narrow it down to a certain taste that would do justice to how good it was.

Sure, there were notes of curry, seafood, miso, tonkotsu, cheese, pepper, salt, and chilli tomato in there, but if he didn’t know these were the ingredients, he’d be unable to pinpoint them in amongst the complexity of the deeply flavourful broth.

After several more mouthfuls, which saw him encounter morsels of mystery meat, shrimp, eggs, tomatoes, crab sticks, octopus, and mushrooms, P.K. was able to describe the broth as having a predominantly miso tonkotsu tomato curry taste. Yet it was far more complex and flavourful than anything you’d expect from a humble Cup Noodle.

P.K. was unable to devour the entire dish in one sitting, unfortunately, so he packed some up in a container for later. If you’ve got a group of people together and you’re in the mood for a Cup Noodle meal, though, you’ll have no problem demolishing the Super Super Combined ramen, and the flavours will seduce you into thinking you’re enjoying a gourmet meal!

The new range of Nissin noodles will be available at stores nationwide from 13 September, with each one priced at 193 yen (US$1.75).

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