Look, it’s the new PlayShiba!

The release of the PlayStation 5 this month represents a massive development, but not necessarily because of the technical specs (since as impressive as they are they’re still an incremental improvement over the previous hardware generation). No, what makes the PS5 a huge thing for video games is the fact that it’s literally a huge thing for video games, with the console itself being physically larger than any other in recent memory.

It’s big enough that you could say it’s bigger than a breadbox…except that that’s not such a useful description, since unless the person you’re talking to lives inside a Norman Rockwell painting, odds are they haven’t seen a breadbox in quite a while. Luckily, there’s an easier-to-understand size comparison: the PlayStation 5 is about as big as a Shiba Inu.

Posing next to Sony’s shiny new system is Chako-san, the fluffy pet of Japanese Twitter user @cha_kosan. The 10-year-old pooch looks quite proud of herself, displaying the silly, self-assured smile that the breed is known for.

Appreciative comments have come flooding in for the photos, including:

“Whoa…the PS5 is huge…and the dog is cute.”
“They both have a two-tone color scheme going on.”
“These pictures make me jealous x 100,000,000.”
“If I can only pick one, I want the dog.”
“Is this a new hardware model, the PS5 Shiba?”

▼ Another commenter also complimented Chako-san for her intelligence and good behavior, sitting serenely next to the expensive new console without knocking it over or chewing on the controllers (even we’re not always so good at resisting that last one).

The cute photo session is made extra heartwarming by coming on the heels of a very scary time for Chako-san and her owner. Just last month, veterinarians discovered that the Shiba had cancer.

Thankfully, her treatments were successful and she now has a clean bill of health, with a full recovery allowing her to enjoy days out in the crisp autumn weather.

And while Chako-san’s lack of opposable thumbs means she’s not going to be able to grab the DualSense controller and play some PlayStation 5 titles…

…she can at least enjoy relaxing in her owner’s gaming chair.

Source: Twitter/@cha_kosan via IT Media
Images: Twitter/@cha_kosan
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