Forget capturing Mewtwo, it’s time to snatch some beetles!

Last year we saw the release of a realistic Poké Ball replica that anyone could buy, but it had two problems: one, it was kind of expensive. Two, and far more importantly, you couldn’t actually capture any Pokémon with it.

But now the Japanese toy company TAKARATOMY is set to release a Master Ball replica that will help both of those issues.

Not only is it quite affordable, but it’s designed to actually capture bugs!

Priced at 1,650 yen (US$15), the Master Ball bug cage is a fun, inexpensive way to feel like a real Pokémon trainer, whether capturing cicadas or other Pokémon equivalents in our world.

Bug-catching and bug-pets are kind of a big deal in Japan, and were even part of what inspired Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokémon, to come up with the video game series in the first place, from his childhood of catching bugs outside and wanting to share that experience.

And now that summer is coming, it’s prime insect-hunting season. Whether you catch the bug in a net first then put it in the ball, set the ball as a trap on the ground, or throw the whole thing straight at the buzzing beast with all your pent-up Poké-energy, the choice is yours.

▼ The ball pops open by pressing the button on the front…

▼ …and it has a clear window on top for bug viewing.
It even comes with a strap for easy carrying.

▼ There’s also the regular Poké Ball design, but it’s gonna be harder to capture any higher-leveled monsters with that one.

The Master Ball bug cage is currently available for pre-order at the Japanese website Iron Factory, scheduled to be shipped out on June 4. The regular Poké Ball design is also available there for immediate purchase.

Personally, I think catching bugs in a Master Ball is the perfect way to pass the time as we wait to pre-order some commemorative old-school Pokémon stamps.

Source: IRON FACTORY (1, 2) via Hachima Kiko
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