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Japan is always up for making snack time more elegant, and one of the country’s favorite indulgences are the dainty disc-shaped confectionaries called macarons.

Being sophisticated doesn’t mean being dour, though. Dessert fans in Japan have no qualms about mixing a little entertainment in with their snacking, which they’ll be able to do in a whole new way now that these carbonated candy macarons have popped onto the sweets scene.

Available at the Fujiya chain of cafes and confectionary shops, the Sparkling Macarons don’t spread light in dazzling reflections. Instead, their name comes from the popping sensation they produce in your mouth, like what you’d get with a glass of sparkling wine.

▼ Macarons themselves are French in origin, plus we’re guessing the tricolor banner in the upper left corner is supposed to make you think of French champagne.

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The Sparkling Macarons come stuffed with a cream filling that also has small pieces of candy mixed into it. Similar to Pop Rocks, the candy inside the Sparkling Macarons creates a popping sensation when eaten.

While this is a first for macarons, Japan has already shown a fondness for at least one type of “popping” dessert. A consistent best-seller at Baskin-Robbins in Japan is the ice cream chain’s Popping Shower flavor, which features tiny popping candies.

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Fujiya’s Sparkling Macarons come three to a box with suitably soda-sourced flavors. The brown macaron is, appropriately, cola, while the yellow is lemon squash (a standard Japanese soft drink akin to Sprite or 7 Up) and the blue is ramune (another popular Japanese beverage with a light, citrusy flavor). The set sells for 500 yen (US$4.25), or just about what three bottles of soda will run you at the convenience store.

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