Another thought-provoking, gorgeous exhibition from the beloved digital art collective.

Time after time, TeamLab captures the imaginations of its patrons, wowing with vivid interpretations on the entwinement between technology and interactive art.

Partnering up with hit social media app TikTok, TeamLab now presents a new exhibition where folks can enjoy TeamLab’s beautiful, otherworldly art while sweating in the steamy, hot bellows of a sauna.

The new exhibition, titled “TeamLab Reconnect,” provides a space of reconnection for patrons. Visitors are welcome to rest from the grind by first relaxing in a sauna, plunging into a pool of cold water to cool off, then participating in an “Art Soak.”

The “Art Soak” consists of six new installations in the same facility as the sauna, each one allowing guests to reflect and reconnect not only with their senses but also with their wonder of the world.

▼ At the end of the “Art Soak,” patrons are encouraged to repeat the process and sweat it out in the sauna again.

While currently details for only two of the six new installations have been revealed, the sneak peek TeamLab provides doesn’t disappoint.

The first revealed exhibition is titled “Levitation,” and features a surreal, glowing, scarlet sphere floating mid-air over a seemingly endless void. The tempered glow of the sphere and its overall mystique are sure to both enamor and offer a reflective atmosphere for patrons.

The second exhibit, on the other hand, pays homage to piece from a previous TeamLab event: “Proliferating Immense Life – A Whole Year per Year.”

Reflecting over what appears to be a pool of water, this visionary piece showcases a landscape full of chrysanthemums drawn in real-time. No two chrysanthemums are drawn the same in this artwork, and visitors can watch the flowers bloom and decay, observing a process that is not too distant from humans in terms of the cycle of life and death.

“TeamLab Reconnect” is scheduled to open in Tokyo’s swanky Roppongi district from March 2021 until August 2021. While the hours of the exhibit and ticket information have yet to be determined, interested folks can check in at TeamLab’s website here closer to March.

And if you’re looking to reconnect with something a little closer to nature, there’s always this museum dedicated to showcasing carefully preserved specimens of interesting flora and fauna.

Source, images: TeamLab Reconnect via PR Times
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