Unbeatable price still puts you in the heart of the city’s entertainment district.

For many travelers, all they’re really looking for in a hotel is a place to sleep. Sure, luxury amenities might sound nice, but if you’re spending your days sightseeing and your nights sampling the local dining and nightlife options, you’re going to be asleep for most of the time you’re in the hotel, and all those unused facilities and fancy furnishings are just adding to your bill.

The problem, though, is that less expensive hotels are often stuck in out-of-the-way neighborhoods, and with nothing interesting to see you might end up spending more time in your bare-bones hotel room than you’d imagined. But that’s not a problem with Wasabi Osaka, a capsule hotel that’s located right in the heart of Osaka’s entertainment district, but with rates as low as 1,700 yen (US$15) a night. Even when we stopped by on a Saturday night, we paid just 2,500 yen.

Wasabi is just a five-minute walk from Namba Station, providing immediate access to the restaurants, pubs, bars, and shops of Namba, Osaka’s most lively neighborhood and a must-visit for any trip to the city.

▼ The hotel has an English website where reservations can be made, and the wasabi-colored sign makes the hotel easy to spot.

Head up to the second-floor common area, and you might at first think you’ve stumbled into a bookstore by mistake, since Wasabi has a collection of 5,000 books from around the world for guests to peruse at their leisure. There’s also free Wi-Fi, if you’ve got important stuff to read online.

In addition, Wasabi provides complimentary soft drinks, both hot and cold, and miso soup.

Guests can check in anytime between 3 p.m. and midnight (check-ins after midnight carry an additional 500-yen fee). However, you’re given free in-and-out privileges, so the smart thing to do is to come early to secure a sleeping space, then head out to explore the city.

As with all capsule hotels, sleeping spaces are cozily proportioned, but that doesn’t mean that Wasabi cheaped out on the bedding. The futons are from Nishikawa Sangyo, a respected Tokyo-based company whose roots go back all the way to the year 1566.

While many capsule hotels only accept male guests, Wasabi also welcomes female travelers, who’re given their own secure sleeping floor.

The shower area is remarkably clean, with soap and combination shampoo/conditioner provided. Towels can be rented for 200 yen, assuming you didn’t pick one up beforehand at the 100-yen store.

If Wasabi’s low rates have you thinking you might be staying in Osaka long enough to use up all your clean clothes, there’s an on-site laundry area.

Breakfast is offered for 450 yen, with options such as rice balls, pancakes, and ham and eggs. You will have to order it the night before, though. Alternatively, this being Namba, there’s no shortage of inexpensive cafes and places to pick up food within easy walking distance of the hotel.

With rates that are less expensive than a moderately fancy sushi dinner, Wasabi Osaka makes staying for a few nights in Osaka an extremely affordable travel plan. And if you need a great way to get to Osaka in the first place, we can help you with that too.

Hotel information
Wasabi Osaka / わさび大阪
Address: Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Chuo-ku, Sennichimae 2-9-7

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