English fail

Sapporo decides to sell new Japanese beer with English mistake on label

Spelling error looks set to make this uncancelled release a hot new collectors’ item.

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English mistake on new Japanese beer leads to suspension of sales before its release

Exciting Family Mart and Sapporo beer collaboration goes straight in the can after the error was discovered.

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English mistake makes Kyoto the enemy of the world

Look out — Japan’s old capital appears to be rising again, with an army of koi fish behind it.

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Japanese Twitter users make Osaka Metro’s English translation mistakes into running joke, memes

This is why you should never use automated translation software in a professional setting.

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Keisuke Honda apologises for English mistake at press conference 【Video】

The Japanese soccer star shows how a tiny error in grammar and pronunciation can become an embarrassing moment for English learners.

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Station in China reminds us to kindly “wait outside a noodle”

In an effort to make facilities foreigner-friendly or simply to enhance the style of an advertisement Asian governments and businesses will often add English translations. However, many don’t feel it’s worth the effort to do a proper translation and simply rely on automatic ones. The results are often sure to put a smile on the face of English speakers in the rest of the world.

Now, Xi’an North Station has put another feather in the cap of gloriously wrong translations…and this time they called it macaroni.

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