You can stay warm and look like a cute kitten? It’s a win-win!

Japanese online retailer Felissimo are no strangers when it comes to cute kitty-themed apparel. From adorable lap blankets to sexy kitty lingerie, if you’re looking for some feline-themed clothing, Felissimo is the place for you.

Their latest addition to their cat clothing collection comes in the form of a blanket hoodie, called the Kitty Dress-Up Nuanced Color Hachiware Loungewear. Hachiware cats are the breeds that have two distinct colours on their fur, and are called piebald cats or bicolor cats in English. Hachiware cats are also affectionately called ‘Tuxedo cats’.

While the most common colouring of Hachiware cats is black and white, the Hachiware Loungewear is a deep grey and white, for a more grown-up vibe. It’s made with a soft, fluffy material designed to look like cat’s fur, and it even has a slight sheen to it, making you want to stroke it all day long!

The detailing on the hoodie really pays homage to cats as well; from the pointy-up ears on the hood to the pink paw prints stitched onto the sleeves. Felissimo hopes that putting on the Hachiware Loungewear will really make you feel like a cat.

Of course, the hoodie wouldn’t be complete without a little tail on the back, for Maximum Cat.

▼ Despite what you may have first thought, this is not an actual cat. It’s the Hachiware Loungewear in action!

The Hachiware Loungewear costs 4,717 yen (US$41) and comes in three sizes, medium, large, and extra-large. A portion of the proceeds from the Hachiware Loungewear will go towards the Felissimo Cat Fund, which works on rehoming cats, reducing overpopulation of strays, and helping animals affected by natural disasters.

And if you’re looking to complete the cat look, Felissimo has a variety of cat-themed clothing and accessories, like these cat paw eye masks and paw pads, so you can unleash your maximum kitty potential!

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Source, images: PR Times
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