Your search for the perfect obi is nearly over!


When it comes to combining contemporary trends and technology with traditional culture, the people at Gofukuyasan Dot Com know what they’re doing. The company opened their online retail store in 2000 and since then they’ve offered a wide variety of traditional clothing items, such as kimono and jackets, to anyone with an internet connection. But the items that have captured the Internet’s attention recently are their obi, the wide sashes worn with kimono and yukata, thanks to their fun and unique prints.


As you might expect, the one getting the most attention right now is the one featuring these cute cat. We’re not sure when you’d wear this amazing obi, but we have a feeling that if you had one, you’d go out of your way to find a reason!


The obi is available for order now, but the company says it will take about a month to complete delivery. And it will set you back 12,960 yen (US$116), including tax, which is enough to make you think twice before ordering. But when you are ready to order, you can head over to Saku Laboratory, the site for Gofukuyasan Dot Com’s original brand. If you’re looking for overseas shipping, though, you’ll need to contact them in advance to set it up.

▼ And if you’re buying an obi, you might as well get a yukata to pair it with!

The yukata pictured above isn’t actually available yet, but according to the tweet, you’ll be able to order soon.

While you’re waiting, though, you might want to pick out another obi, like this one featuring a print of Utagawa Yoshibuji’s artwork.

But maybe you’re looking for something a bit more modern. If you’re a fan of Minecraft or eight-bit graphics, this obi might be the perfect way to show off your love for gaming. It’s also a fair bit less expensive at 6,480 yen ($58.26), but they do mention that it could take up about 2 months to complete shipping.

And if you’re addicted to the internet like we are, this kimono/obi pair featuring prints of circuit boards and LAN cables might be just what you need!

Should you be more of a space nerd than a computer nerd, Gofukuyasan can help you too! This obi features gorgeous prints of the now retired space shuttle.



And finally, if you spend most of your time daydreaming about aliens and interstellar space, this clearly is the obi you need. And there’s still plenty of time to order and get it before the summer festivals begin!

▼ You can get either a UFO version…


▼ …or a Milky Way version.


The hard part now isn’t just deciding which one to buy — you’ll also have to put it on. Fortunately, we can help you with that!

And if you’re looking for something even more extravagant, this cat obi is pretty much as purrfect as you can get without just snuggling with a pile of kittens.

Sources: Kai-You, Saku Laboratory, Twitter/@gofukuyasan
Images: Saku Laboratory