Get your face dry and all the snuggles you want without worrying about having to explain claw marks across your forehead!

Popular online mail order company Felissimo is at it again with yet another adorable, must-have item for cat lovers. This time Felissimo presents a cat-shaped towel which allows you to dry yourself on its fluffy plushness, while at the same time allowing you to satisfy the urge to pet a cat’s soft, furry belly.

Cats, just like dogs, will at times roll over on their back to show their contentment or that they feel safe, exposing their vulnerable underside in the process. However, unlike with dogs, this is not an open invitation for belly rubs, as tempting as it may be.

▼ Which is quite cruel! How is one supposed to resist the urge to pet the fwuffiness?

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But with Felissimo’s cat-shaped towel, every day — morning or night — after washing your face, you can close your eyes and imagine snuggling your face into the soft fluff of a kitten tummy. (Because doing so to a real cat will likely end with a few open wounds on your face…)

The back side of the towel is made from 100 percent cotton pile, and even includes little sewn-on cat paw details.

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20160805035824 (3)

Ear, paw, and tail accents come in three different colors. One of the three colors will be chosen each month to be sent to buyers for three months.

20160805035824 (2)

In addition to fulfilling your daily cat belly-rub quota, you can also feel good about your purchase knowing that 47 yen (US$0.46) from each towel bought goes to support animal shelters and foster care, as well as efforts to help curb the problem of over-breeding of stray cats in Japan.


The towel can be yours for 1,562 yen ($15.30) plus shipping, available through their Japanese webstore. If you’re outside of the country, you’ll want want to place your order through their international store.

Source and images: Felissimo