The brand’s first new series in 10 years features a healthier KitKat.

We’re used to seeing new KitKat flavours pop up in Japan, but it’s not every day that Nestlé introduces a whole new series of KitKats to the market. In fact, the last time they released a new KitKat series was way back in 2010, when the “Otona no Amasa” (“Adult Sweetness“) multipack line debuted in stores, offering less sweetness for discerning palates.

▼ Now, over ten years later, Nestlé is targeting the health-conscious consumer, with a new range called “KitKat Mini Wholewheat Flour Biscuit In“.

As the name suggests, the new KitKat contains a wholewheat biscuit, which, judging by the image on the pack, looks a whole lot like a graham cracker or digestive biscuit. According to Nestlé, the new wholewheat biscuit was specially developed by the company to pair well with the components of the KitKat, and has been kneaded into the chocolate casing for extra crunch and added aroma. 

Nestlé says they decided to develop the new series as wholegrain flour has recently been attracting attention for its health benefits. In Japan, most people still eat white bread and wholewheat bread is hard to find in stores, so this is a good way for customers to add the healthy grain to their diets while feeling less guilty about indulging in a KitKat at the same time.

▼ The range will be sold at drugstores and supermarkets in boxes of three for 129 yen (US$1.19) or packs of 13 for 540 yen.

▼ Packs of 11 will be sold exclusively at convenience stores for 324 yen.

Japanese actress Mugi Kadowaki, whose first name “Mugi” conveniently translates to “wheat”, has been appointed as the official ambassador for the new products, and will star in new commercials for the KitKat, set to air nationwide from 8 March.

▼ The new KitKats come with the tagline “Mugi no Megumi” (“The Blessings of Wheat“)

According to Nestlé, we can expect new additions to the series in future that provide better ingredients and less sugar while maintaining the same delicious KitKat flavour we know and love.

The new KitKats go on sale around Japan from 8 March.

Source, images: PR Times 
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