Popular characters made edible by one talented Japanese netizen.

Whether its exterior shell is made from flour, potato, or gold, the dumpling is an ubiquitous food item across the world, and Japanese gyoza are among the most well-known dumplings.

While Japanese gyoza are typically fried in a pan, their thick-skinned cousins, suigyoza, are simply boiled in water and served with a helping of soy sauce or with soup. And as shown by one particular Japanese dumpling artisan, they can also be transformed into popular characters such as Pikachu and Kirby.

@miso_haru_ has recently wowed netizens across the globe with their stunning suigyoza renditions of popular video game and mascot characters. Featuring Slime, Kirby, Pikachu, and Miffy as bite-size creations, these dumplings are a meal for the eyes and are just simply too adorable to eat.

“Made suigyoza!”

The ingredients for the suigyoza wrappers are an elaborate combination of thin wheat flour, bread flour, refined rice flour, and silken tofu. Their creator miso_haru_ also uses food coloring and cocoa powder to achieve the specific hues needed to design the characters in dumpling form.

To adjust the minor details for these suigyoza, such as Kirby’s eyes or Pikachu’s scarlet cheeks, miso_haru_ skillfully wields an X-Acto knife to ensure everything is firmly set into proper place.

Of course, part of the joy of making dumplings isn’t only the act of making them, but also eating them. For these scrumptious-looking suigyoza, plump with homemade meat filling, miso_haru_ paired them with a refreshing vegetable soup full of onions, cabbage, carrots, and corn.

▼ Who will win: these cute suigyoza or hunger?

▼ Talk about healthy!

If you’re interested in learning more about how each character dumpling was made, miso_haru_ has also uploaded an in-depth video to their YouTube channel. Check it out below for all the savory details!

Regardless if you like your dumplings freshly boiled from the pot or with a croissant texture, there’s no doubt that miso_haru_’s dumplings can both fill your stomach and warm up your heart.

And for those who want to make their own dumplings now, be sure to check out this handy dandy kitchen gadget which makes gyoza in a literal snap.

Source: YouTube/みそはるTwitter/@miso_haru_
Images: YouTube/みそはる

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