Kirby will devour you and your kids as an adorable new plushie pillow【Photos】

Manufacturer says new cushion “makes the dream of being sucked up by Kirby come true!”

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New Kirby Cafe opening in Tokyo is going to suck up all of our dinner plans【Photos】

The Nintendo character with the endless appetite is offering a full range of adorable edibles and exclusive merch.

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Turns out Kirby can fit perfectly into a Japanese washing machine【Video】

A Twitter user made this startling discovery when their mother tossed a beloved cushion into the laundry.

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10 stalled Japanese game franchises that deserve a sequel, according to gamers

There are a lot of oldies but goodies on here!

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Paranormal activity sensed at a Twitter user’s local arcade…and Kirby is the cause?!

A trick of the light has Japanese social media checking every crane game for evil apparitions.

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Poyo! A match made in Dreamland with a giant Kirby and manju cake set

The universe’s cutest Star Warrior, and star of Nintendo games, Kirby uses his Copy Ability to become huggable…that or it’s an adorably soft toy.

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Adorable Kirby merchandise gets special launch party with custom-made Kirby cupcakes! 【Pics】

Advance sale of super-cute Kirby clothing called for celebration in a Kirby-themed room with cute Kirby cupcakes!

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Further proof that the beloved, globular Nintendo video game star is marketed very differently in the two countries.

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“Helpful” Japanese parent gives Nintendo’s Meta Knight a seriously weird makeover

This plushie of Kirby’s video game co-star wasn’t broken, but it got fixed anyway.

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LINE Messenger pleases Nintendo fans with new Kirby, 8-bit Pokémon backgrounds

Nintendo friends old and new are here to add some fun to your LINE messages.

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Kirby’s “you are what you eat” transformation is even better when applied to real life

Lovable Kirby gives all of us who enjoy eating some life goals.

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Kirby Cafe to open for limited time this summer — we can’t wait to hear the details!

All we can say is, “This is going to be soooo Cute!!”

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Gamer damages cover of friend’s 3DS game, returns it with awesome hand-illustrated replacement

This is what happens when artistic sense meets a sense of responsiblity.

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Statue of “Kirby” Orita-sensei welcomes university entrance exam takers at Kyoto University

This exam season, a statue of an important historical figure at Kyoto University has gotten a Kirby makeover as part of a now yearly tradition.

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Incredible edible Nintendo desserts are the most delicious kind of fanart

Check out these home-made gaming-themed treats and get some inspiration for your own baked goods!

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Prepare for a “poopoopoo” picnic with Nintendo’s Kirby at Kiddyland this month

It’s hard to believe that our beloved, voracious powderpuff Kirby is over 20 years old now! “Born” in 1992 on the Nintendo Game Boy, the adorable little guy is actually a fully grown adult now, possibly with a driver’s license and, like, maybe even a family we don’t know about. We picture him holding down a boring office job somewhere in Tokyo, willing himself not to snap at his irritating boss and hoover him up (thus gaining his incredible powers of bureaucracy and micromanagement).

But, even though everybody’s favorite non-Jigglypuff pink ball creature is all grown up now, that doesn’t stop him from enjoying a good picnic!

A Poopoopoo picnic, to be exact.

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Before anyone freaks out, no, Kirby isn’t human

It’s been a couple of weeks now since Kitty-gate, or “that time when someone at Sanrio said Hello Kitty wasn’t a cat and the world went nuts”. The issue has now, hopefully, been laid to rest, and we can all get back to watching videos of chubby cats pushing toy wagons around and debating things like which flavour of Pringles is best (answer: Sour Creme and Onion).

But a line in a recently published Japanese gaming guide has now suggested that yet another much-loved character is not what he first seemed. Rather than simply being the giant pink blob that we always thought him to be, it would seem that Nintendo’s marshmallow-faced mascot Kirby is actually “a person” – something that has greatly amused the internet-using public here in Japan.

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Limited edition Kirby t-shirts on sale at this year’s Tokyo Game Show

Heading to Tokyo Game Show this year? We certainly are, and with just under a month to go, we’re itching to try out the newest games and watch the exclusive previews that exhibitors are no doubt already preparing. But there’s one other thing (yes, besides the booth babes) that we’re excited to get a look at: the video game merchandise!

And this year, there are a couple of items we already have our eye on: a pair of limited edition Kirby-themed t-shirts, which have just been revealed by makers San-ei Boeki.

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The next must-have item for game fans: Adorable stackable Kirbys!

Now, we’ve previously seen Kirby from the famous game series presented in various adorable forms, even as an amazingly elaborate and tasty-looking tart, but after seeing pictures of this soon-to-be-released Kirby product, we just can’t get over how cute he looks — as stackable figures! He’s so cute, in fact, that as cheesy as it may sound, we can hardly resist the temptation to shout, “You’re an absolute STAR, Kirby!” Read More

A truly “epic” tart — this fabulous edible tribute to Kirby is almost too cute to eat!

Okay, if you haven’t guessed already, we admit that at RocketNews24, we’re extremely fond of tasty sweets, and we’ve featured in our past articles quite a few amazing creations by talented confectioners, from exquisite character-themed cakes to adorable Totoro macaroons. Now once again, we’ve found a magnificent piece of baked art that we just had to share with you. This time, it’s a tart inspired by the video game Kirby’s Epic Yarn, and we have to say, it’s one epic-looking treat!

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