“The cutest Rei Ayanami” and glowing Unit-01 don’t come cheap, but they offer serious impact for truly hard-core Evangelion fans.

It’s hard to believe, but with this week’s release of Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time, the Evangelion anime franchise has finally come to an end. Fans are no doubt sad to say goodbye to the iconic cast of characters they’ve been following for 26 years, but if that separation is too much to bear, you can instead say hello to a life-size figure of one member of the cast.

Figure maker F:Nex (pronounced like “phoenix”) has just opened pre-orders for its new 1:1 Scale Rei Ayanami Figure. Including the base, the figure is 161 centimeters (63 inches) tall, making it the exact size of the mysteriously maternal Eva pilot/lipstick model.

The figure features Rei’s early-arc white plugsuit, not the black one she wears in the latter half of the Rebuild of Evangelion movies series after she officially becomes “Rei (assumed name).” F:Nex’s attention to detail means that different sections of the suit are rendered in different materials, to keep the garment from looking cheap or artificial.

F:Nex says its goal was to create “the cutest Rei Ayanami,” and in doing so it took care to translate the 2-D anime depiction of the character into a figure that looks balanced and avoids appearing awkward from any angle.

On the other hand, if you only have eyes for the Evangelions themselves, F:Nex also has a gigantic Evangelion Unit-01 figure in the works.

Obviously, this isn’t a 1:1-scale version of the titular mecha (if you want to see one of those, you’ll have to head to Kyoto). The Human-Scale Evangelion Unit-01 figure is still intimidatingly impressive in size, though, at 234 centimeters (92 inches) in height.

▼ So a little too small to fight invading aliens, but still plenty big enough to dominate on the basketball court.

The figure doesn’t show Unit-01 in one of its quieter moments, either. Instead, the Eva is ready to rampage and howl in rage.

For maximum drama, the figure is fitted with an array of LED accent lights.

▼ Feel free to leave Unit-01’s lights on while you turn off all the others in your home off before going to sleep, in order to ensure you have Eva-themed nightmares.

Statue-size anime figures are often produced in extremely limited quantities and sold only to winners of application lotteries. That’s not the case this time, though, as F:Nex will be building as many life-size Reis and human-sized Evas as it receives pre-orders for between now and June 23 for Rei (pre-orders here), and now and June 30 for Unit-01 (pre-orders here). Before ordering, though, you’ll want to check not only the height of your ceilings, but also the depths of your bank account, since the Rei figure is priced at 1,815,000 yen (approximately US$17,500) and Unit-01 at 3,003,000 yen (roughly US$29,000). Shipping is scheduled for January of 2022.

Source: PR Times via Livedoor News/Cinema Today via Jin
Top image: F:Nex (1, 2)
Insert images: F:Nex (1, 2)
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