It’s not the first full-scale figure of the Eva pilot, but it’s the first one you can pose.

Last week, anime figure maker F:Nex began taking pre-orders for its life-size statue of Evangelion’s Rei Ayanami, priced at 1,815,000 yen (US$17,540). And honestly, that’s just crazy, right? I mean, this is Rei, one of the most influential characters in the history of Japanese animation, and surely her most ardent supporters can dig deeper into their pockets than 1,815,000 yen, right?

That appears to be the belief of Nagoya-based Paper Moon R, which is offering a life-sized Rei figure of its own that’s even more expensive, but has a very special feature to justify that premium.

What sets this Rei apart is that she’s posable, since Paper Moon R doesn’t just make fixed-position figures, but dolls too. Articulation points are a definite plus, since if you’re going to shell out the 1,980,000 yen (US$19,130) Paper Moon R is asking for the figure, plus dedicate a sizeable part of your home to displaying it, odds are it’ll be a part of your décor for a long time, and being able to change the Eva pilot’s pose when the mood strikes will help keep your interior design fresh.

Standing 158 centimeters (62.2 inches) tall, the figure is dressed in a cloth plugsuit, as Eva’s uniforms are called.

▼ Paper Moon R points out that Rei can be posed to sit easily in a chair, specifically mentioning that this will allow her to ride along in the passenger seat if you’re going for a drive.

The designers say they walked a line between Rei’s in-anime appearance and a more conventionally proportioned actual human, in order for the character to be instantly recognizable without looking unnerving or awkward in three dimensions. Rei’s trademark blue hair is rendered with a lifelike wig, and by changing the tilt of her head, you can create various emotional effects from her mysterious expression.

As for the figure’s shell itself, it’s made out of nautical-grade fiber-reinforced plastic, a material both sturdy and lightweight. Rei weights just 10 kilograms (22 pounds), and Paper Moon R says that “as long as it is used normally, the figure should last indefinitely without collapse or breakdown” (no promises on the effects of non-normal use of the figure, though).

Orders can be placed here through Paper Moon R’s website, with delivery taking two to three months.

Source, images: PR Times
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