Life-like, realistic, and supremely lovable!

When it comes to dog breeds from Japan, the Shiba is probably most famous, but the Akita, the breed that the loyal Hachiko was, is close behind. The Akita-inu, as it’s known in Japan, looks similar to the Shiba-inu with its pointy ears, round face, and curly tail, but it is quite a bit larger and stockier, which makes it a slightly less popular breed type in Japan.

Still, that doesn’t mean they’re less cute! If you’re an Akita-inu fan, you’ll want to buy realistic goods producer You+More’s latest releases, a life-size Akita-inu puppy plush and self-standing Akita-inu puppy pouches!

The plushie (5,500 yen/US$49.31) has been designed under the supervision of the Akita-inu Preservation Society to look as life-like as possible. It has super soft, fluffy fur that has been printed in full-color to make it look and feel just like a real Akita-inu.

▼ “Aah! It’s so soft.”

It’s even got chubby little legs with super realistic paw pads. Just look at those cute feet!

We can’t get enough of the self-standing puppy pouches (2,300 yen) either. They’re cute little zip-up bags with a portrait of an Akita-inu puppy stitched onto the front. If you put them on the floor of your home, they’ll look almost like real puppies!

They come in three different coat types: white, brindle, and red.

And the bags attached to them match in color!

They’re palm-sized, making them so cute you’ll just want to pet them. The bag is also a great size for storing pens or other small accessories.

▼ “I can be soothed with puppy cuddles any time now!”

Not just a fan of the Akita-inu? You+More is also selling too-cute Shiba-inu slippers (1,900 yen) and Corgi pillowcases (3,900 yen), which are both absolutely to die for.

All of these products can be found on You+More’s online shop now, so if you love cute puppies, make sure you check it out!

Source, images: PR Times
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