Leftover Cup Noodle Broth Hardening Powder is Nissin’s latest innovation.

We take it for granted now, but when you think about it, instant ramen broth is practically magic. Add hot water to just a little bit of powder, and presto! You’ve got a delicious bowl of broth.

Now, though, Cup Noodle maker Nissin wants to let you work that magic in reverse, and so they’ve created something that turns your liquid instant ramen broth back into a solid with Leftover Cup Noodle Broth Hardening Powder.

▼ Nissin’s Leftover Cup Noodle Broth Hardening Powder in action

“But why?” you may be wondering. See, the thing is, you’re not actually supposed to drink all of the broth in a cup or bowl of ramen. Sure, it’s tasty, but it’s also packed with calories and sodium, and draining the container into your stomach can really make it hard to incorporate regular ramen meals into a healthy diet.

Showing ramen broth restraint isn’t always easy, however, even if you have the necessary willpower, because not drinking all the broth means you’ve got leftover liquid in a cup with no lid. That’s where Nissin’s Leftover Cup Noodle Broth Hardening Powder comes in. Simply stir it into your remaining broth, and the liquid will transition to a solid that can be bagged up and carried until you come across a trash bin with no fear of spilling along the way.

“Why not just dump it on the ground if you’re eating in the park, or in the bathroom if you’re eating at the office or school?” some might ask. But with Japanese society placing such a great emphasis on cleanliness and consideration, pouring your leftover miso broth into some random bushes or splashing tonkotsu around the men’s room sink are seen as classless moves. The same goes for pouring liquid straight into a trash bin, since that’s likely to make an awful mess for the janitor or sanitation worker who has to come and empty it later.

It should be noted that Leftover Cup Noodle Broth Hardening Powder itself is not fit for human consumption, so don’t get any bright ideas about solidifying your leftover broth, taking it home, and then melting it back down to use for a future batch of noodles. In addition, Nissin asks that you refrain from using it on things other than Cup Noodle broth, though it’s unclear if that’s a warning about its ineffectiveness with other types of liquids, or that the powder’s formula is so specific that it won’t work with rival instant ramen makers’ broths.

Nissin says part of its motivation to create Leftover Cup Noodle Broth Hardening Powder came from an increase in the number of people eating outside during the pandemic. While it’s not available for direct purchase, Nissin is currently giving away one pack per Cup Noodle product purchased through its online store here.

Source: Nissin via Entabe, YouTube/ANNnewsCH
Images: Nissin
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