Short story collection follows four heroines on side adventures.

By nature of being published in Weekly Shonen Jump, One Piece falls into the shonen/boys’ manga category. Eiichio Oda’s pirate saga has a large female cast too, though, and the seafaring ladies are becoming the stars with One Piece Novel Heroines.

The book is a compilation of short stories that were originally serialized in One Piece Magazine. A total of four tales, each focusing on a different heroine, are included. The first, Episode Nami, kicks off when Nami is unhappy with the shoddy quality of a pair of high heels she recently bought. Taking them back to the cobbler to give him a piece of her mind, she ends up entering a fashion show in what the publisher describes as a story of “undecorated beauty”

Episode Robin follows, naturally, Robin as she teams up with Koala and the Revolutionary Army’s Sabo as they seek to uncover the secrets of a Poneglyph tablet, which would allow them to effectively hear “the voice of the dead.” Things take a lighter tone in Episode Vivi, where the kingdom of Arabasta is abuzz with rumor as it tries to discover the identity of a love letter addressed to Princess Vivi. Finally, Episode Perona promises a flavorful finish as Perona discovers an enticing bottle of wine after it washes up on the shore near Shikkearu Castle, but Mihawk has his eyes on it as well.

The novel is written by Jun Esaka with original concepts from Oda, with illustrations from artist Sayaka Suwa. One Piece Novel Heroines is priced at 814 yen (US$7.85) and is on sale now.

Source, top image: PR TImes
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