Domito-onee-san just wants us all to sing and paint very, very red pictures together.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was a return to form for the franchise, distancing itself from the generic action-movie-style set pieces of Resident Evil 6 and bringing the focus back to the dark, suspenseful atmosphere that made the series unique among its rivals. Well, at least that’s what people who actually played Resident Evil 7 will tell you.

But not everyone plated it, and developer Capcom wanted to know why. So they held a survey asking people who didn’t buy the game why they passed on it, and the number-one response was “It looked too scary.” So to address this flaw, Capcom has put together a video to reassure us that the upcoming Resident Evil Village is absolutely not scary, starring a puppet cast of the game’s characters.

Titled Let’s Play together in Bio Village (“Bio” coming from Biohazard, the Resident Evil franchise’s name in Japan), the star of the show, naturally, is Village’s Internet-famous giant vampire lady Alcina Dimitrescu, except here everyone calls her Domito-onee-san, or “Big Sister Dimit.”

Domito-onee-san is joined by her best friends Moreau-kun (Salvatore Moreau), Heisen-san (Karl Heisenberg), and Angie. For their opening act, they all sing a song, and if you want to join in the lyrics are:

Baio no mura ni oide yo
(“Come on over to Resident Evil Village”)
Minna yukai na kazoku da yo
(“We’re all one big happy family”)
Domito-one-san! Moreau-kun! Heisen-san! Angie!
Kowa kowa kowakunai!
(“It’s not, not, not scary at all!”)

Domi-onee-san then sweetly tells everyone to grab their art supplies, because it’s time to paint pictures! She’s even been thoughtful enough to prepare buckets of…”red pigment.”

▼ If Domito-onee-san’s voice sounds familiar, it’s because she’s voiced by “eternally 17-year-old” anime voice actress Kikuko Inoue, who’s made a career out of portraying gently angelic characters.

But oh no! Moreau-kun is worried they might not have quite enough ”pigment.” Luckily, though, the assembled art supplies include a chainsaw that Heisen-san brought, and the problem is quickly solved when Moreau-kun stumbles into the razor-sharp apparatus and the group discovers that there was more “pigment” inside of him all along!

Then it’s time to start painting, accompanied by another song from Domito-onee-san:

Makka makka makkakka nan no iro?
(“What is this red, red, red, red color?”)
Wakai otoko no taieki yo
(“It’s liquid made from a young man”

Things hit a teensy little snag, though, when Domito-onee-san starts sipping the pigment, though, The sipping turns to guzzling, and before long she’s declaring “I want to drink more!”, dropping her paint brush, and swinging an axe around instead.

After a brief pause to address these technical difficulties, though, the puppets are back to remind us one more time, in song, that “Resident Evil isn’t scary!”

Obviously, there’s nothing at all suspicious going on here, but if you have so much darkness that you can’t trust the video, Resident Evil Village comes out on May 7 so you can check for yourself then. But really, would Domito-onee-san lie to us?

Source, images: YouTube/biohazard
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