15 tons of sweet potatoes stolen in rural Japan, criminal crew may be targeting spuds

Farmer didn’t bother to lock the door to his storehouse, because who steals sweet potatoes?

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Ghibli scarecrow protects rice fields in countryside Japan

Pikachu and Ash also watch over the crops, which were once destroyed by the tsunami in the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.

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Japanese cats love nothing more in the world than watching farmer next door plant his rice【Video】

Just because cats don’t like to work doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy watching other people work.

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Six-year-old Japanese farm boy goes viral for doling out comments on dating like an old grandpa

The proud self-professed farmer speaks and acts like an old man trapped in a young boy’s body.

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Don’t let the cold seasons snuff out your style! Japan’s lady farmers get fresh new fashion line

Norastyle’s new leaflet has the fall and winter looks that all farming fashionistas will want to sport. Agriculture never looked so attractive!

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Japanese town’s beautiful rice paddy art salutes Osamu Tezuka anime characters, Audrey Hepburn

Photos show rural Aomori town’s continuing tradition of artistic agriculture with convenient access for travelers.

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Welcome the New Year with a calendar of hunky Japanese farmers 【Pics】

If this is what Japanese farmers look like, you can stick me on a train to the nearest country town.

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Meet the “world’s best dressed farmer,” Japan’s Kiyoto Saito 【Video】

This stylish young man is making news internationally for working on his rice farm every day in a suit.

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Japan’s new wave of farmers: the former bikers and gang members of Vegefru Farms

Rather than some social program saying farming is good for “troubled youth,” Vegefru Farms says “troubled youth” are the answer to farming’s prayers.

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The wasabi you eat probably isn’t wasabi, according to new video from Japan

With beautiful images of pristine Japanese countryside, this clip explains why real wasabi is hard to find.

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New hemp mascot character Asamiko-chan appears in Japan

With her own official Twitter account and a town in Tottori Prefecture behind her, Japan’s first ever cannabis character comes dressed as a pink-haired shrine maiden.

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Japanese train stopped in its tracks after elderly resident leaves vegetables in its path

Passengers were surprised to hear the announcement: “The train will be delayed due to vegetables on the tracks“.

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Japan’s better farming through precision drone strikes

A team in Saga prefecture has successfully developed Agridrone, which will seek out and terminate pests with extreme prejudice.

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Stylish Japanese home gardening pod lets you grow vegetables indoors with little effort, no soil

No back yard? No problem.

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World’s first robot-operated farm to start operations in Japan next year

Kyoto facility aims to harvest 500,000 heads of lettuce a day.

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Japanese farming simulator rewards players with actual crops delivered to their door

Remember back in the day when all of your older relatives and the kids you knew from school but never speak to any more would send you invites to play Farmville? Remember how seeing a new notification on your Facebook toolbar that just turned out to be yet another invitation to play f’$%ng Farmville would fill you with impotent rage?

Well think about how different your reaction might have been if your “friends” hadn’t been backhandedly asking you to help them raise their not-actually-existent virtual ducks and cabbages, but were in fact asking you to help them put real, actual food in their mouths.

One Japanese startup, Telefarm, is hoping that the future is online games that reward players for good performance with actual products delivered to their door. And they’ve been running a farming simulator prototype for a little over a year now to test that model’s feasibility.

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Real horses too much hard work for you? Why not get yourself a robo-horse! 【Video】

A farmer and self-proclaimed invention-addict from China decided to create a more economical replacement for the common horse – one that doesn’t require any food or daily care. While this mechanical horse won’t be winning races any time soon, it does get some points for creativity! See it in action after the jump.

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Plow the town red with Yanmar’s sleek and stylish line of tractors

About a year and half ago we brought word of Yanmar’s concept tractor the Y-Concept YTO1 Advanced Tractor. Boasting the sleekest design to grace any tractor and other high-tech features, the Osaka company aimed for a whole new way to look at farming. However, like many concept vehicles, no one was holding their breath for it to actually materialize on the market.

However, this spring Yanmar came through on their promise of futuristic farm-wear for sale in limited quantities to the public, but still no tractor. Then, out of the blue on 19 November it came. The first models of the YT Series tractor were announced for sale in May of 2015.

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Oklahoma farmer loses his cellphone in 140 tons of grain — 9 months later gets a call from Japan

Kevin Whitney of Chickasha, Oklahoma, was working on his farm last October when his iPhone fell out of his shirt pocket and up a grain elevator, where it was deposited into a pit containing 280,000 pounds of grain.

“I never expected to see that phone again,” he told KFOR-TV. It was a reasonable conclusion.

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High-end Japanese farm wear now available for public consumption

Last year, Osaka-based heavy manufacturer Yanmar unveiled some major changes to their line-up. Hoping to breathe fresh life into the age-old life of farming, they designed a bad-ass tractor and futuristic farming wear.

Since then, the rest of us have had to deal with uppity Japanese farmers walking around town in their high-end fashions with their noses firmly aimed at the sky. They say they’re just avoiding the manure smell, but everyone knows what really stinks.

However, now Yanmar is letting us lowly peasants get a taste of the high life, by releasing a limited number of their cutting-edge farm wear for sale to the general public. As you can imagine, this kind of fashion doesn’t come cheap.

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