Makers promise it’ll “send an error message to your brain.”

The end of the rainy season is just around the corner, after which we can expect the hot, humid weather of a Japanese midsummer. With that in mind, the nation’s ice cream merchants are reminding us that they have sweet and cooling treats standing by, with the latest message coming from Nissin.

“Wait a second, isn’t Nissin the company that makes Cup Noodle instant ramen?” You might be asking. “They sell ice cream too?” The answer to both those questions is yes, and if you’re imagining a scoop of ice cream artificially flavored to taste like ramen, well, the truth is actually a lot stranger.

As seen in the above tweet, Cup Noodle Soft Serve Ice Cream is actually more of a sundae. It starts off as just a swirl of regular old vanilla ice cream, but instead of covering it with sprinkles and chopped nuts, it gets all the non-noodle stuff you’d find floating in a cup of Cup Noodle: cubes of mystery meat, sliced green onions, egg, and in place of a cherry on top, a single curled shrimp. Note, also, that these are all in their dried, crunchy form, as they would be prior to adding the boiling water to a cup of instant ramen.

Reactions have included “Hey, Nissin, it’s not April 1,” and “Are they serious?”, but Cup Noodle Soft Serve Ice Cream really is something Nissin is selling. However, wisely realizing that it might be a bit much for the general public to handle, it’s only on sale at the Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama, where it’s a pretty sure bet that most people at the building’s food court are particularly passionate about instant noodles.

“Our popular Cup Noodle Soft Serve Ice Cream, which sends an error message to your brain the moment you take a taste, is now on sale exclusively at the Yokohama Cup Noodle Museum,” reads the tweet, and sure enough, it’s the very first thing listed on the website’s food court page dessert menu.

Despite the shocked reactions to the tweet, Cup Noodle Soft Serve Ice Cream has been around for quite some time, and long-time readers might remember the time when I went and tried it for myself (you can relive my horror here).

▼ Ah, the memories. The traumatic, traumatic memories.

A lot of Japanese sweets tend to be seasonal in their availability, though, and while it’s not 100-percent clear that Cup Noodle ice cream ever went away, we know for sure that it’s available right now. Speaking from experience, I can’t say it tastes great, but I can say it’s a taste you’ll never forget, and one that’ll put a smile on your face, either out of genuine good cheer from the weirdness, or as some sort of coping mechanism.

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