“Fry Force” tugs at our arteries in a slightly different way than Taco Bell usually does.

We’ve had Taco Bell on the mind recently with their release of their strangely-yet-accurately named Naked Chicken Taco, so maybe that was what got the company’s recent advertisement in our YouTube recommendations.

That, or the algorithm somehow knew we’d be enthralled by a 30-second anime ad for nacho fries.

Because it was right. “Fry Force” is amazing.

▼ Check out the video here or scroll down for highlights.

▼ The video starts off with some beach goers just trying to enjoy their Taco Bell nacho fries, suddenly interrupted by a monster emerging from the ocean.

▼ Thankfully our angsty protagonist Rei is there to save them!
“I know what it’s like to lose something you love. It eats at me. Every. Day.”

▼ She lost her brother Kosuke to the nacho fry-loving monster.
…and apparently English v-tuber Gawr Gura has a cameo in the upper right too.

“So what’s your story?”
“Guess I’m just hungry.”
“For what?”

▼ But what’s this?! In a surprise twist, the one controlling the monsters is none other than Kosuke himself, haughtily munching on nacho fries.

▼ The scene ends with Rey leaping at Kosuke, double blades out and ready to go.
“Either we fight together, or we fry alone.”

Well, we’re not exactly sure what we just saw there. Do the nacho fries contain some sort of evil energy? If so, then why were Rei and Kosuke snacking on them so happily before? And are her glowing-green blades powered by jalapenos or guacamole???

Maybe we’re just thinking about a commercial too much, because either way, we liked it!

Looking at comments from netizens, it seems like we weren’t alone either:

“This animation is way too good here just to be a commercial for fries.”
“It’s actually frustrating that I can’t watch this as a legit series”
“I read the manga already. I won’t spoil much but in s2 they’re gonna bring back… the chihuahua.”
“Make this into a Netflix anime, cowards.”
“I live in a timeline where a shark girl vtuber is an easter egg for a Taco Bell mecha anime comercial for fries”

Friend, that’s not all. You also live in a timeline where Chrono Trigger music plays at the Olympics opening ceremony, and you can buy “mini hand sanitizer stands” from gacha machines.

This is nacho ordinary timeline, it’s an extra cheesy one.

Source, images: YouTube/Taco Bell
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