Bags, wallets and a Casio watch in a Crystal Star compact case are some of the beautiful items coming to Isetan department stores this spring.

The recent announcement of the Anna Sui x Sailor Moon collaborative collection marked the beginning of a magical new season at Japanese department store Isetan. Now they’ve released details of another range of Sailor Moon-themed goods, with Baby-G and Samantha Vega giving items the pretty warrior star treatment. Following the success of a similar promotion last year, both brands have upped their game for this year’s release, with a multitude of adorable new details.

▼ First up, we have the Sailor Senshi Leather Mini Pochette (35,640 yen/US$315.86), which comes in 10 designs, all made with real leather and incorporating the costume and signature colour of a specific sailor. Features include a non-adjustable chain strap and an inner lining based on the colour and planetary symbol of the character on which they’re styled.


▼ All 10 senshi warriors are represented in the collection. Spot your favourite senshi warrior from the lineup below!


▼ The Sailor Senshi Leather Long Wallet (25,920 yen) is made with real leather and also comes in 10 designs, with the lining of each unique to a different warrior.


▼ All of the wallets have a different gold motif design on the front, featuring the character’s wand or talisman in delicate detail.



▼ The decorative elements are finished off with corner details filled with gold moons and stars and small, sparkly rhinestones.

The Luna/Artemis Leather Long Wallet (25,920 yen), also made with real leather, is dedicated to the magical cats of the series.  The black wallet is purr-fect for fans of Luna, while the white wallet will appeal to lovers of Artemis. The gold details in the centre of each feature the two cats cosying up to a crescent moon with an elegant rhinestone inlay.


▼ The whole feline family, including Diana, appears on the inner lining.


Completing the collection is the Luna/Artemis Backpack (30,240 yen), made with synthetic leather and available in Luna black or Artemis white. Keeping embellishments to a minimum, these stand out with gold hardware in the shape of a crescent moon and a cute pair of cat ears.


▼ The adjustable straps connect to the bag with clips, allowing it to be worn as either a backpack or shoulder bag.


And to add a bit of extra cute cat appeal, there’s the Diana Mini Bag (8,100 yen), made with synthetic leather and featuring the same gold hardware, chain and lining as the backpack.


▼ While you can use the mini bag on its own, it looks a whole lot happier when attached to one of the backpacks resembling Diana’s parents!


And if you’re looking to tell the time with the power of the power of the moon, the limited-edition Casio Baby-G watch has everything you need, with a plain white band and a backlight that reveals the distinctive silhouette of Sailor Moon when activated. When you’re not telling the time, the watch will sit inside a specially designed Crystal Star Compact case, waiting for its next adventure.


These beautiful items will be available at three Isetan locations around Japan, with pre-orders available online here and here from March 2. Other brands such as Paul & Joe Sister, Samantha Tiara, Honey Bunch, Riccimie, and Pink House Chelsea will also be releasing special Sailor Moon-themed items at Isetan from March 16, so watch this space for more details!

Isetan Store Information

Date: March 16 – 22, 2016
Address: Tokyo-to, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku 3-14-1
Isetan Shinjuku Main Building 2nd floor Center Park Stage #2
伊勢丹新宿店本館2階 センターパーク/ザ・ステージ♯2
Hours: 10:30 a.m.-8 p.m.

Date: March 30 – April 5, 2016
Address: Aichi-ken, Nagoya-shi, Nakamura-ku, Meieki 3-28-12, Isetan Haus B1
イセタンハウス(ISETAN HAUS)B1階 名古屋市中村区名駅3-28-12
Hours:11:00 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Date: April 8 – April 14, 2016
Address: Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Kit-ku, Umeda 3-1-3, Isetan Closet 4F
Hours: 10:00 a.m.-9 p.m.

Source: Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Project official website
Top Image: Isetan (edited by RocketNews24)
Insert Images: Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Project official websiteIsetan