2nd line of Casio watch rings hits Japanese capsule machines and we got the secret one!

Spoiler alert for those who like capsule surprises.

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Gacha capsule toy machine sells Casio watch rings in Japan, and we try to get all of them

Will the gacha gods smile kindly on our desire to own all of these cute miniature watches?

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Super Mario teams up with G-Shock for a salute to old-school gaming tenacity【Photos】

But for Mario veterans the scene is also a call to be careful.

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Casio partners with Pac-Man for a new but vintage-looking digital watch

Relive the thrill of this classic arcade game every time you need to tell the time.  

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Casio’s Pikachu Baby-G is the perfect watch for Pokémon trainers

Heart-tailed female Pikachu steals the show in this special new release. 

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Casio Baby-G teams up with Pokémon for special, limited-edition, anniversary Pikachu watch

Show off your love of Pikachu with a sporty watch!

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Mr. Sato tries to buy a Rolex for his mid-life celebration, crisis occurs

An attempt at a new watch for a new chapter in the life of our star reporter.

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Studio Ghibli Baby-G watch pays homage to Kiki’s Delivery Service anime with gorgeous details

Cute characters peer out at you from this limited-edition timepiece.

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New Sailor Moon collaboration goods from Baby-G and Samantha Vega feature gorgeous details

Bags, wallets and a Casio watch in a Crystal Star compact case are some of the beautiful items coming to Isetan department stores this spring.

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Want to make music, but can’t play an instrument? Casio app turns your hums into full tracks!

Music is pretty much one of the best things in life–some people might even say it is the best thing in life. Playing an instrument is supposed to do all sort of great things for us, but most would agree that getting started with music can be pretty difficult. While DAWs like FL Studio exist to help us produce whatever we hear in our heads without strumming a single chord, digital production is quite a bit more difficult than most people realize. From programming drums to synthesizing new sounds, it can be just as time-consuming as learning to play guitar. “Why can’t I just whip out my smartphone, hum a little ditty, and let it do all the hard work of producing a track?” you might be thinking.

Well, soon you will be able to, thanks to a new app from Casio. You won’t even need to hum all the way through–it’ll generate a whole song from one section!

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Want to play piano or guitar by ear? There’s an app for that too and we tried it out

Playing by ear is truly an enviable skill. To be able to just hear something then play it yourself is almost like a super-power to many a musical layman. With enough time and practice I could probably develop such an ability too, but come on. I got too many ice cream and animal dating games to write about already.

So I rely on computers to do it for me. There are a variety of software applications on desktop computers that can take a song and at least attempt to break it down into its components, but they can be rather complicated and difficult to use. Now Casio has come out with an iOS app called Chordana Viewer that can reverse engineer songs right on your Apple device for piano or guitar.

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