Prefecture gets its first-ever Pokéfuta in town famous for its crazy Coming of Age Day.

Every year in January the city of Kitakyushu has its moment in the spotlight as residents show up for their Coming of Age Day festivities dressed in the flashiest kimono fashions imaginable. As of this week, though, visitors to the city will be able to see colorful locals all year long thanks to the installations of the first Pokémon manhole covers in Fukuoka Prefecture!

A total of five permanent Pokéfuta, as the covers are known, will be waiting for fans, featuring eight species of Pocket Monsters with nods to local sightseeing spots and historical sites.

First up is Aggron, whose cover can be found near Kitakyushu’s Kokura Castle and shows the dragon-like Steel/Rock Pokémon tromping around at the base of the fortress’ stone walls.

Next, the elegant Gardevoir can be seen strolling along the waterfront of the retro Mojiko district, one of the region’s earliest ports that was opened to international trade, accompanied by Lunatone.

Head over to the grassy Asanoshiokaze Park and you can say hello to Carkol and Dugtrio in their Alolan form

…and rounding out the Pokémon Kitakyushu contingent are Tropius

…and Sableye and Duraludon, another Steel-type Pokémon likely selected as a salute to Kitakyushu’s history as a steel mill town.

The Aggron Pokéfuta is already in place, and the remaining four are set to be installed this Friday. Exact locations can be found on the Pokéfuta official website here. If you’re looking for other unusual sights/sites in Kitakyushu, there’s the mysteriously misleading Space World Train Station, from which you can hop on a train to continue your Pokéfuta pilgrimage in the western parts of Japan then ride straight on through to the first Pokémon manhole covers in downtown Tokyo.

Source: PR Times
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: PR Times, Pokéfuta official website
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