Hyogo man arrested for stalking woman through her bank account

Suspect made dozens of one-yen transfers in two weeks.

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Japanese office disaster: man pees in drink bottle of woman coworker because “he liked her”

That’s not sweat in that bottle….

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Man arrested in Kobe after stuffing fried chicken into woman’s mailbox

Not the best way to tell your ex how you feel.

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Tokyo man arrested for underwear theft after instant, raging attraction to another man

Says victim was “a totally hot dude.”

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Living next door to a stalker: Our Japanese reporter recounts the time her neighbour stalked her

Firsthand account is a cautionary tale for women living alone in Japan.

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How to Break Up When the Other Half Just Won’t Let Go: Spit in Their Face!

“Hey, there’s no way I’m splitting with you, babe. After all, we’re supposed to be lovers, right?”

Moving words from our own Mr. Sato there, but perhaps relationships aren’t always quite so straightforward? What if, for example, you feel that the relationship you’re trapped in has all the passion and energy of a punctured party balloon, while your partner is still penning sonnets and writing messages in fire outside your window? There’s no easy way to tell them that it’s over. Or is there? One 23-year-old Tokyoite thinks she may have stumbled upon a powerful, if slightly disgusting, method.

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In relatively violent-crime-free Japan, there was a shocking case this year where a woman in Zushi, Kanagawa Prefecture was stalked and murdered by an ex-boyfriend, who then killed himself. That’s tragic enough on its own, but new information has come to light that it may have been the police themselves who enabled the ex to track her down. Read More