Empty instant ramen cups, gattai!

Instant ramen maker Nissin had a couple of different Japanese vocabulary options for “combined” when it came to naming their Super Combined Cup Noodle series, which combines two different kinds of Cup Noodle broth in each cup. The word they ultimately went with, gattai, has a strong mental correlation with combining robot anime…and so it’s only logical that each of the four Combined flavors is now represented by an awesome mecha.

The quartet of mighty warriors seen in the message from the official Cup Noodle Twitter account are collectively known as the Four Heavenly Near-Future Cyborg Kings, and they’re expertly made from the Cup Noodle cups of the flavors they represent. For example, this King, designated as the “great sword power-type,” was created from the Siupoodle (salt and original-flavor Cup Noodle) flavor.

The “winged speed-type” King, meanwhile, is born from the Searry (seafood and curry) cup.

If you’re thinking these creations, which incorporate a compelling mixture of mechanical and organic motifs, look far too complex and polished for Nissin’s social media managers to have put together in your spare time, you’re right. They’re actually the work of empty box artist Harukiru, whose specific and singular talent earned him an entire solo exhibition for his work repurposing Japanese snack food packaging a while back.

Beast-type King, Cheechili Curmato flavor (Chilli Tomato and European Cheese Curry)

▼ And last, armored sniper-type King, Tonso flavor (tonkotsu pork stock and miso)

Unfortunately for those who find the Four Heavenly Near-Future Cyborg Kings awesome-looking but lack Harukiru’s skills to make their own (so, pretty much everyone else on the planet), they’re not being offered for sale or as giveaway prizes. However, Nissin’s tweet of the assembled group dramatically asks “Now, who will become the strongest seller?” and includes the hashtag “#the battle ends in one week,” so maybe we’ll see some special follow-up for the character whose flavor proves to be king of the Super Combined Cup Noodle line.

Source: Twitter/@cupnoodle_jp via IT Media
Featured image: Twitter/@cupnoodle_jp
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