Oh, come on! How is this not a real thing?

Most of us have fond memories of living as cheaply as possible off instant noodles during our college days. OK, so maybe they aren’t “fond” memories, but they are still memories! Now that we are past those days, we can’t help but be hit by a deep sense of nostalgia when we happen to see or smell a freshly-made container of Nissin Cup Noodle.

Nissin always keeps things interesting with new flavors and products being released all the time, but their official Twitter account recently posted a picture of Cup Noodle ingredients being used for something that definitely wasn’t noodles.

According to the Tweet, if you don’t have any hot water around, you can add a ton of flavor to a boring bowl of rice by using one of three Cup Noodle flavored furikake (dried food sprinkled over rice). Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this is actually going to be a real product any time soon as there doesn’t seem to be any additional information to be found. A quick look at some of the other images they’ve posted on Twitter seem to confirm the picture as playful advertising.

▼ Fancy a hot bath smelling of Cup Noodle?

▼ These “Cup Noo-drop” candies come in original, seafood, curry and chili tomato flavor.

▼ Nothing says “chapped lip relief” more than salty Cup Noodle-flavored lips.

While we can’t imaging the candy drops or lip balm to be all that appealing, the furikake still has our stomachs grumbling. Needless to say, if Nissin was ever looking for a new avenue to expand into, they would probably find a bountiful demographic in people who eat a bowl of rice during every meal. Until that day arrives, we will just have to satisfy our temptations with some of the other wild Cup Noodle products that are actually available.

Source: Favoru
Featured image: Twitter/@cupnoodle_jp