Win Pikachu-shaped gummy goods in Kanro’s Pikachu sweets campaign!

If you haven’t already bought a pack (or five) of these gummies, now’s the time to do so.

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Mos Burger releases new gummi candies in Japan

We take up the challenge to create the tallest, sweetest Mos burger we’ve ever seen.

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Pikachu-shaped electric shock-flavor gummies are coming to Japan!

Pokémon mascot stuffs his chubby cheeks with the snacks in adorable video.

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Mouth-testing Japan’s porn-star-approved “testicle texture” gummy candies

Adult video actress draws the nation’s attention to gonad gummy-like snacks.

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Sweet omelette-flavored gummies? Famous Japanese YouTuber tries it so you don’t have to!

Tamagoyaki– best described as a fluffy, sweetened rolled omelette that’s often served chilled is a staple in typical Japanese bento lunches. A gummy candy flavor it is not…until now! Adding to an ever-growing list of odd flavors coming from Japan, tamagoyaki-flavored gummies are now a thing, and well-known Japanese YouTuber Hikakin has gotten his hands on these rare odd gems and given them a taste. The verdict? Watch and see for yourself!

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Tetris gummies are the tastiest way to procrastinate

Before silly cat videos and online quizzes, there was Tetris, the ultimate way to put off whatever it is you should have been doing. Have a report due? Sorry, gotta beat this high score. Chores? Can’t stop now, can’t even look away, these bricks are flying! Familial obligations? Get out of here, kid! Can’t you see this is serious?!

Now Japan has combined our love of Tetris and little fruity gummies into one awesome snack. If they’re just as addicting as the game, we’re in trouble…

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