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It seems like UFOs have been making a big comeback in recent years with all the released government reports and leaked videos. On the other hand, reports of alien abductions seem to be at an all-time low. I guess it makes sense since an advanced civilization would have likely already gotten all the information it could ever need from anal probing way back in the ’70s.

But here to bring us back to those groovy days of getting sucked into flying saucers is Japan’s premier occult magazine Monthly Mu, or just “Mu” to its friends. Since it was first published in 1979, Mu has tackled all the topics other magazines were too scared to touch, from cryptids to lost civilizations.

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And now Mu is taking on the mysterious world of fashion with a new line of earrings. By partnering with accessory brand Gargle, the magazine has developed a pair of accoutrements that celebrate one of its most popular topics, alien abductions.

The main part is shaped like a UFO with a classic mid-20th century design. Dangling from its orb-filled base is a yellow translucent tractor beam with the silhouette of a hapless victim in its grasp. At the base of the beam is the Mu logo.

However, you might be like me and have an uncle who claims to have been sucked into a UFO after a Steely Dan concert in ’76, but don’t want to trigger any of his repressed memories. Well, Mu and Gargle have you covered there too with this alternative design in which no person can be seen but the Mu logo itself is getting beamed up.

Both designs have a nice balance that could pass for normal earrings at a glance but upon closer inspection reveal that you’re actually well aware of the existence of a Mongolian death worm in remote parts of the Gobi Desert.

The earrings are meant to also celebrate Mu‘s 40th anniversary, which was actually two years ago, but as any avid reader will tell you, time is merely a construct of the Illuminati to keep us under control.

Each pair is priced at 2,640 yen ($23.59), because while money is also a construct of the Illuminati to keep us under control, the publishers of Mu like to have nice things like the rest of us. The earrings will be sold through Village Vanguard and preorders are now being accepted on the store’s website.

They’re perfect for the next day you want to make the Earth stand still or just for your next close encounter of the third kind with that special someone. It’s also a great way to find who among us is a truth-seeker and who’s an ordinary civilian – or worse, a reptoid.

Keep watching the ears!

Source: Village Vanguard, PR Times
Images: PR Times
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