You’ll want to get in quick because these are going to sell like hot cakes.

As we enter the month of October, it’s time for Halloween treats to really start popping up all over the place, and this year KFC has leapt out from the shadows to surprise us, with the announcement that they’ll be joining the celebrations with a special release of their own.

KFC doesn’t usually release new Halloween treats, so this announcement comes as a very sweet surprise, especially when it involves a Sweet Potato Pie that looks as tasty as this.

▼ Mmmm….come to me, my pretty!

The pie is said to be filled with Naruto Kintoki, a variety of sweet potato sourced from Naruto City, after which it’s named, in Tokushima Prefecture, on the island of Shikoku. The high sugar content of this variety makes it a particularly good match for sweets, and KFC has decided to showcase the ingredient in a sweet paste filling, encased in a crunchy, flaky pastry.

The contrasting colours of purple pastry against a golden interior resemble the colours of a real sweet potato, while also tipping the hat to the colours of Halloween in Japan, which are predominantly purple and yellow, or orange.

The pie promises to deliver a contrast in flavours too, with the pastry containing a slightly salty fermented butter to complement the sweetness of the filling. The new treat can be purchased on its own for 230 yen (US$2.07) or as a set with a medium-sized drink, for 330 yen.

▼ If you purchase it with a meal set or a box or barrel of chicken, the pie costs 200 yen.

The Sweet Potato Pie will be available at KFC stores nationwide from 6 October, but only in limited quantities, which means there’s a chance it might sell out earlier. Now we’ll have to wait and see if McDonald’s will join in the fun this year, like they did back in 2016, when they gave us chocolate fries for Halloween.

Source, images: PR Times
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