So we just get this with the magazine? We don’t even have to go to the Pokémon Center store?

It’s no news to anyone, least of all us, that Pokémon merchandise is some of the cutest in all of Japan—and that’s no small feat. In a country bursting with cute and cuddly mascots, Pikachu and his fellow Pocket Monsters stand out above the crowd with their varied designs, bright colors, and adorable little faces.

While it makes sense to go out on a shopping spree for Pokémon goods, we actually received the most recent addition to our Pokémerch collection without even actively hunting for it. When the January edition of the fashion and lifestyle magazine smart arrived at SoraNews24 headquarters, it came with an adorable, chunky little LED light attached. The lamp is palm-sized—about 11 centimeters tall and 13.5 wide (4,3 and 5.3 inches).

And of course, it’s shaped like two Pokémon. One is the ever-popular Pikachu, who stands as the ambassador of the franchise. The other is Piplup, a penguin-like monster who is so popular in Japan that the company likes to joke about it usurping Pikachu’s role.

We took it home and admired the precious duo first in their non-illuminated state. Then we dug out three AAA batteries—not included in the magazine, naturally—and flicked the switch on the back of the lamp to see how it looked.

It took a bit more effort than we expected at first., since the switch is very small and you have to push it quite firmly.

The lamp emits a bright light that is a touch too harsh in daylight. When we tried it after sundown, though, it gave off a perfectly comforting glow that accentuated every adorable aspect of the Pokémon pair.

▼ Don’t you feel cozier just looking at this?

The monochrome palette of the lamp adds a touch of class to what, typically, are very vivid and obviously child-targeted characters. And the real star of this LED lamp is how thin it is! It can be easily tucked into shelves or corners around an apartment, where it will radiate a cuddly aura of comfort.

When you turn all the lights down and need a quiet moment just to yourself, this lamp provides a perfect level of illumination. It is a little too dim to read by, though, so maybe prepare some candles or a flashlight to reduce eye strain.

While you’re in the market for some Pokémon-style comfort, have you checked out the stylish Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl threads yet? Or, if the LED lamp isn’t quite garish enough for your tastes, you can purchase a giant comfy chair that looks exactly like Gengar. Both options are quite a bit more expensive than the 1,200 yen (US$10.63) magazine attached to this “free” lamp, but oh well!

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