This time the packaging also ties in directly with the Pokémon’s type.

Last year, we were tickled pink by makeup brand Lovisia’s cute Kirby cosmetics. This month, we’ve got some cute character goods back with even more variety than ever before–just with some slightly different (and occasionally pink) characters.

On November 26, Lovisia Pokémon Gift Cosmetics partnered with global business platform Beenos to release its fourth series of Pokémon cosmetics focusing on hand cream. The past series in this collection have done exceedingly well, offering shoppers the chance to purchase cosmetics decorated with their Poképal of choice out of limited options. This new line of hand cream is no different in that respect, but it does offer shoppers an outstanding 30 unique designs to pick from thanks to popular request.

▼ This time you’ve got a bunch of Eevee-lutions and other cuties to choose from.

Furthermore, the tube colors this time around were inspired directly by the featured Pokémon’s type. As an electric-type, for example, Pikachu’s tube has a yellow background.

All of the hand creams combine four moisturizing agents–petroleum jelly, shea butter, ceramide, argan oil–to make your hands feel as luxurious as possible in this increasingly cold and dry weather. They’re said to have a “soap bubble” scent, which as far as we can tell means that your hands will end up smelling squeaky electric-rodent clean.

In addition, Lovisia is offering a special bonus for shoppers who purchase three or more of the hand creams (while supplies last): a special Pokémon multipurpose pouch. This shiny pouch features fan favorites Pikachu and Piplup in a very affectionate illustration.

The Lovisia Pokémon hand creams can be purchased for 880 yen (US$7.75) each at Lovisia’s online shop, a portion of Pokémon Center stores, and a portion of variety shops nationwide including Loft, Tsutaya, ITS’DEMO, and Animate. They’d certainly be the perfect size for little stocking stuffers.

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Source, images: PR Times
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