The Wata Tank is both stylish and functional.

With cold weather, end-of-the-year vacation time, and a worldwide pandemic all coinciding over the next few weeks, there’s really never been a more appropriate time to stay home and play some video games. Naturally, this means Japanese company Bauhutte (the people offering those video gamer chiropractic treatments) is here with another innovation in gaming interior design to help us stay safe, entertained, and warm.

The Wata Tank (wata being the Japanese word for “cotton”) is what Bauhutte is calling a gaming blanket. But what separates this from a normal blanket?

First off, there’s the visual aspect, with the Wata Tank having the same sleek, techno-organic aesthetic with deep black and splashes of high-contrast color, as frequently seen on gaming PC cases and peripherals.

▼ Four color schemes are available.

But what really makes this a fit for the hard-core gaming lifestyle are the flaps near the top hem of the blanket, which can be opened up to reveal slits large enough to fit your hands and forearms through, yet still snug enough to keep everything still under the blanket nice and toasty.

This lets you keep yourself covered up all the way up to your chin while still working the sticks and buttons of a controller or tapping and swiping on the screen of your smartphone.

With a fleece lining and a full kilogram (2.2 pounds) of what Bauhutte calls “thermal cotton” stuffing, the gaming blanket boasts some pretty hot specs. The layering is designed to keep a pocket of warm air under the blanket, and the moisture-absorbent quality of the material is a plus if things get so warm you sweat a little (and if you end up sweating a lot, it’s machine-washable).

▼ The heat retention is apparently good enough that spokesmodel Iori Moe is comfortable with just light sleeping garments.

At 200 centimeters (78.7 inches) long and 160 centimeters wide, the gaming blanket is large enough to use as part of your bedding, and seems like an especially apt pairing for Bauhutte’s gaming bed. At the same time, it’s not so bulky that you couldn’t curl up in it while relaxing on the sofa too.

The Wata Tank gaming blanket is available online through Amazon Japan here priced at 11,469 yen.

Source: Bauhutte via Golden Times
Images: Bauhutte
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