Wake. Game. Sleep. Repeat.

Back in the day, playing video games usually meant sitting on the floor. As games have gotten more rewarding for long-term play mechanics, though, ergonomics have also gotten more important, and now you can find specially designed ergonomic gaming chairs and desks.

But Japan’s Bauhutte is ready to take gaming furniture even farther with its Gaming Bed.

In describing the system, the Osaka-based company muses:

“When you wake up, you have to move from your bed to your desk. It seems simple, so why does it always feel like such a hassle? The Gaming Bed solves this problem.”

True to Bauhutte’s promise, the Gaming Bed allows you to start playing without moving your cozy butt even a single inch. Monitors can be mounted at the foot of the bed, which also has shelves for speakers. Other panels and racks are waiting for your controllers, keyboard, or other peripherals, as is an adjustable smartphone holder behind the headboard. The full setup also includes caddies stocked with drinks and snacks, plus not only cup holders, but cup ramen holders, with wireframe sections specifically sized to hold instant ramen containers.

The full setup is listed at 113,250 yen (US$1,030), on Bauhutte’s website here, but its modular nature means that you can order the components individually to better suit your needs and budget. For example, this simpler, more compact configuration is a comparatively far more affordable 63,750 yen.

▼ It still includes the Damegi extra-relaxing jumpsuit, though.

Of course, such luxury-laden lethargy isn’t the preferred lifestyle for everyone, or even every gamer. Bauhutte also offers alternatives for the more health and fitness-conscious gamer, like the Standing Game desk (83,400 yen, chair sold separately)…

…or the Cycling Gaming desk (67,500 yen), which combines a desk with an exercise bike.

Now if Bauhutte would just make that gaming toilet we’ve been dreaming of, we’d be all set.

Source: Bauhutte via Twitter/@aegis_sakurakis via Hachima Kiko
Images: Bauhutte
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