Happy holidays to you, our wonderful readers!

After a whirlwind year when the dreaded coronavirus threatened to take away our fried chicken, the team here at SoraNews24 is taking a breather today to enjoy Christmas Day the Japanese way, with a festive Frappuccino, a red-and-white cake, and a bucket of KFC.

It’s certainly been a tough time for a lot of people around the world, so wherever you are and however you celebrate the holidays, we hope you’re staying safe and enjoying the best of what the festive season has to offer — whether that be creating Pikachu Christmas sweets, lounging around in cat-themed loungewear or binge-watching free Sailor Moon musicals on YouTube, we won’t judge!

Seriously, though, we hope our stories about foodtravel, and everything in between have managed to bring some cheer to your days, not just at Christmas but throughout the year. Your support and comments always mean the world to us so thank you for being the best readers our team could ever ask for!

From all of us here at SoraNews24, happy holidays!

Top image: Pakutaso
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