Even our pro wrestling-loving reporter can’t quite explain why these toys exist.

Now 70 years old, retired pro wrestler Riki Choshu debuted in 1974, retired in 2019, and since then has become something of an internet celebrity for his unique ways of phrasing things. Perhaps that’s why after all this time Bandai has decided to bring us a new line of gachapon capsule toys titled Gachapon Sound: Riki Choshu’s House in the shape of mini home intercoms. If you press the button on each one, you’ll hear Riki’s actual voice greeting you as if you’re ringing the doorbell at his house.

Despite being the super pro wrestling fan and Riki Choshu devotee that he is, our Japanese-language correspondent P.K. Sanjun couldn’t get over how weird of a marketing idea this sounded. He decided to take his skepticism into his own hands by purchasing a few of them.

One capsule costs 500 yen (US$4.40) and he went for four of them, scoring three out of the five total versions. Upon opening the first capsule he was greeted by Riki’s solemn face on the insert.

So what was it like actually pushing the button on each of them? Listen for yourself in each of the video clips below.

Version A: “I’ll be right there!” Riki Choshu

▼ *Doorbell rings* Yes, who is it? Ah, yes, I’ll be right there! 

P.K. could only think, “People will ask themselves, ‘What the heck is this?'” Why indeed did someone think to make a line of toys out of a simple daily greeting by someone as random as a retired pro wrestler? Perhaps the second version would provide more answers…

Version B: Riki Choshu is Excited for Pizza

▼ *Doorbell rings* Who is it? Oh, the pizza’s here! It’s pizza! Shintaro [his son-in-law], go get it. Don’t you dare it eat it before me or I’ll mess you up [lit., “I’ll change your shape”–one of his Internet-famous catchphrases].

OK, at least this one showcased something unique that Riki was a bit famous for. But when could you use this thing in your daily life? He was still baffled.

Version 3: Riki Choshu Refuses

▼ *Doorbell rings* Yes, who is it? Sorry, but we’re all good here. Excuse me. I’ll be going now.

With no further context, this last one sounded like a salesperson had stopped by and tried to get Riki to buy something that he wasn’t interested in. P.K. actually thought that it was a little bit sad since he could only hear one side of the increasingly heated conversation.

Truthfully, P.K. couldn’t think of a single reason to recommend this gachapon series to anyone. There wasn’t any use for them in daily life, and it would be hard to use them in a practical joke except in very specific circumstances. They’re basically just little toys with a retired pro wrestler’s voice.

He did have a little fun at the end by playing a chaotic chorus of Riki Choshus answering his doorbell:

Regardless, P.K.’s pleased that Riki Choshu seems to have gained enough popularity to warrant his own line of toys post-retirement. He hopes that other retired wrestlers can also reach the same kind of fame. Who knows–maybe that lineup will include him someday as well.

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