“From Crook to Cook” just doesn’t have the same catchy appeal here as it does overseas.

Japan is known for its hardline stance against drugs, so a past arrest for drug possession isn’t something you can easily bounce back from here, especially when even pro-weed comments can get you arrested.

So when it came time to publish the cookbook by American rapper Snoop Dogg in Japan, some changes had to be made. Overseas, the full title of the book is “From Crook to Cook, Platinum Recipes from tha Boss Dogg’s Kitchen”, but in Japan, it’s being released as “スヌープ・ドッグのお料理教室” (“Snoop Dogg no Oryouri Kyoushitsu”), which translates as: “Snoop Dogg’s Cooking Class“.

▼ The full title is: Snoop Dogg’s Cooking Class 60 Platinum Recipes from the Boss Dogg’s Kitchen.

Unlike the overseas book, which has “From Crook to Cook” written in big letters on the front (as seen below), the Boss Dog’s notorious past has been dialled down for its Japanese release.

The softer, more approachable “Snoop Dogg’s Cooking Class” gives the cookbook a wider appeal in Japan. It also helps to conjure up images of the rapper dressed in an apron, placing ingredients delicately on a plate with chopsticks and a wide smile on his face, like a Japanese chef on one of the country’s many “Oryouri Kyoushitsu” styled cooking programmes.

▼ The wholesome feel of a cooking class in Japan.

Shobunsha, the Japanese publisher of the book, recently shared a sneak peek at the front and back covers, and some of the pages inside, with the following message:

“‘Invitin’ ya to my kitchen!’ Thank you for waiting…’Snoop Dogg’s Cooking Class’ is finally open for preorders! Complete coverage from classic Southern soul food to secret recipes (looks really delicious…).”

The cookbook has been faithfully translated by Kana, a translator, interpreter, music writer, lyricist and interviewer who has a wealth of experience in writing articles for music magazines, translating song lyrics by famous artists such as Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Ariana Grande, and Justin Bieber, and working as an interpreter for big names like Ciara and Rihanna.

The words “Crook to Cook” do make it onto the Japanese cover of the cookbook, but you have to squint to see them as they’re hidden in amongst all the small print — like websites, Japan loves to crowd front covers with stacks of information. It’s translated as “監房から厨房へ” (“kanbou kara chuubou he“), which means “From Cell Block to Kitchen“.

▼ “監房から厨房へ” can be seen at the bottom left of the front cover.

Set to be released on 1 March by publisher Shobunsha, the book has attracted so much attention it’s already jumped to the number one spot on Amazon Japan, which Shobunsha says is the “true power of the boss“.

How much credit should be given to the “true power of the rebrand” remains uncertain, but one thing’s for sure — it’s certainly made the Crook to Cook cookbook more palatable for Japanese audiences.

Source: Twitter/@shobunsha via Hachima Kikou
Featured image: Pakutaso (edited by SoraNews24)
Insert images: Pakutaso

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