Genius tip shows us we’ve been stuffing our peppers wrong this whole time.

We’re always on the lookout for ways to make our time in the kitchen effortless and easy, and this week, we found a way to do just that, with a brilliant idea for stuffed peppers from a home chef in Japan called Nijimama.

Nijimama has 269,000 followers on her Instagram account (@mamanomainichidesu), where she describes herself as a “mama of two with a one-year-old and three-year-old”. As a busy mum, Nijimama likes to share quick recipes made with a single frying pan to reduce the amount of washing-up, and this recipe for stuffed peppers is one of those one-pan recipes.

What makes Nijimama’s recipe stand out is the genius way she stuffs her peppers. It’s fast, easy, and so clever we can’t believe nobody has ever shown us this trick before!

▼ Take a look at the process below:

The steps to making the dish are super easy — first, you simply put some minced meat in a bag and add extra ingredients of your choice to make the filling. Nijimama likes to add a block of silken tofu, some panko breadcrumbs and a pinch of salt and pepper.

Then all you have to do is mash it up together in the bag, place it all in plastic wrap and roll it into a sausage shape before placing it in the pan. That’s where the genius hack comes into play, because instead of spooning the stuffing into the peppers, Nijimama smashes the peppers into the stuffing instead.

The genius technique caught the attention of thousands online, who were quick to praise the idea. One Twitter user even simplified the process further by skipping the sausage-rolling step and placing the minced meat filling in the pan before pushing the peppers into it.

This works just as well, especially if you want to up the amount of meat in each portion, turning it into a meat cake of sorts.

You can either cut the meat off and save it for another dish, leaving you with regular stuffed peppers, or cut the whole round of meat into slices, giving you stuffed peppers with extra filling.

Either way, both versions require the use of only one pan, with the addition of yakiniku sauce to add extra flavour to the dish. It’s the type of easy meal we love to make, and now we know about the clever reverse-stuffing hack, we’ll be adding it to our roster of regular meals, along with this recipe for turning McDonald’s nuggets into katsudon.

Source: Instagram/@mamanomainichidesu via Net Lab
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