What more could you want in a meal?!

In Japan, convenience store packaged food is generally just as good as something you can by at a grocery store, and seeing as 7-Elevens and Family Marts are on just about every street corner, they’re also, naturally, easier to pick up on the way home. They make great side dishes, main dishes, and even desserts, and things like pork stew, frozen curry, and grilled fish make throwing together a meal on the quick much easier.

Plus, the stores sometimes even put out recipes, making it even easier to use them! For example, the official Twitter of 7-Eleven’s 7-Premium brand of prepared foods posted the perfect recipe for your busy weekday meal featuring their plump and juicy “Golden Wieners.”

This simple recipe is made in a rice cooker, so it’s a “set it and forget it” kind of meal with just a few ingredients, and since we’re always looking for easy dinner ideas, we had to give it a try.

● 7-Eleven Golden Weiners
● Chicken bouillon
● Grated garlic
● 1 serving of dry rice
● Butter
● Salt
● Pepper

Though it may look like a lot, besides the sausages they’re all things you probably have at home already, so you might not even need to go to the grocery store if you’ve got a 7-Eleven nearby.

Step 1: Prepare the sausages by slashing the tops diagonally along their lengths.

Step 2: After washing the rice, put it in the rice cooker with 200 milliliters (0.85 cups) of water, then place the sausages on top, squeeze over some grated garlic, and add in your desired amount of chicken bouillon.

Step 3: Turn on the rice cooker! It’s that simple. All that’s left is to wait and enjoy the fragrant scent of sausages while it cooks.

Once it was ready, we opened it up to see the rice nice and fluffy and the sausages looking plump and juicy.

Step 4: Add butter, salt, and pepper as desired, and mix.

Voila! It was ready. We transferred the rice to a bowl, topped it with sausages, then added another slab of butter and a sprinkle of pepper for good measure.

▼ Doesn’t that look tasty?!

One bite was enough for us to fall in love. The sausages were crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside, with a slight texture of ground meat. We would have been happy enough with that alone, but the buttery, garlicky rice was also delicious, and some of that flavor had infused into the sausages too. We just could not stop eating it!

This recipe was insanely easy, and it’s clearly going to become an addiction, so we’ll probably be stocking 7-Eleven’s Golden Wieners in our fridge from now on. Maybe next time we’ll serve them with the super-easy Butter Pom Onion!

Source: Twitter/@7premium_jp
Images © SoraNews24

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