Making Japanese melon bread at home is now easier than ever before!

We’re always looking for fast and easy cooking hacks to help us out in the kitchen, and now we’ve found one that makes all our Melon Pan dreams come true, thanks to Niigata-based confectionery and snack company Bourbon.

They’ve created the “Melon Pan Sheet“, with the word “sheet” referring not to a cover that belongs on a bed, but a cover that belongs on a slice of bread, much like a slice of cheese. These new sheets, or slices, are said to contain all the crispy, sugary, melony-flavours that usually adorn the outside of a melon bread, and they’re a cinch to use.

▼ A traditional-looking Melon Pan — before we did the unthinkable and grilled it in a sandwich maker.

Simply place a Melon Pan slice on a piece of bread and heat it in an oven toaster until golden. Then it’s ready to eat!

▼ The instructions really are as simple as described on the pack: のせて焼く (“nosete yaku”) “Put it on and grill”.

There are five sheets to a pack, all containing an instant form of glutinous rice flour, which likely helps the slice to puff and expand slightly after heating, as seen in the images above. This will no doubt add a crispy yet chewy texture to the bread, to give it the same mouthfeel as the round melon pan we’re used to eating.

Of course, you don’t have to use the sheet on a slice of bread — you can pop it on all sorts of things like buns, rolls, and pastries to add a taste of melon to anything you fancy, much in the same way you can use the spreadable melon pan tubes and tubs.

Unlike the spreadable melon pan, however, the new slices don’t require a knife or any spreading. It’s never been easier to make your own melon pan at home, and we don’t have to wait too long for it, as it’ll be sold at stores nationwide from 1 October.

Source, Images: @Press
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