If bigger is better, this might just be the best Piplup ever.

The Pokémon franchise has declared this the summer of Piplup, which is a big deal for the Gen-IV starter. And a big deal, of course, calls for a big plushie.

The newest plushie from the Pokémon Center superstore, this cute colossus is called the Very Big Piplup (Tottemo Okkii Pochama in Japanese), which is a wisely chosen name because that’s what everyone was going to call it anyway. Just how big is it? 90 centimeters (35,4 inches) tall, and that size isn’t just crazy by stuffed animal standards, but by official Pokémon ones as well.

Why? Because according to Piplup’s official Pokédex entry, the Pocket Monster species only grows to a height of 40.64 centimeters (16 inches).

▼ Its torrent ability is because it’s a Water-type Pokémon, not because it’s really good at pirating anime.

In another break from Pokémon canon, even though Piplups are said to be fiercely independent and standoffish, the Very Big Piplup looks to be a friendly, sociable housemate.

▼ When your plushie is this big, it’d feel weirder not to fix it its own plate of snacks.

Particularly passionate Piplup proponents might remember there was another jumbo-sized stuffed animal of the Pokémon revealed earlier this summer, the Suysuya Friend Ouchi de Relax (“Soundly Sleeping Friend Relaxing at Home”) Piplup. But whereas that version is perpetually prone and snoozing, the Very Big Piplup’s posture is more suited to non-sleeping activities.

▼ Yet another reason to love telecommuting

When it is bedtime, though, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got enough space to share before you tuck Piplup in.

Pre-orders for the 38,500-yen (US$350) Very Big Piplup open on August 13 here through the Pokémon Center online store, with shipping scheduled for February.

Source: Pokémon Center via Otakomu
Images: Pokémon Center, Pokémon official website
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