The only problem is deciding which Pocket Monster character to choose!

In Japan, time spent at your computer doesn’t ever have to be time spent alone, thanks to the cute and cuddly PC cushion collection from Premium Bandai. Featuring Pikachu, Hatsune Miku and a host of other popular Japanese anime characters, the PC cushions are actually more like full-sized plushies which sit on your lap staring at the screen with you as they provide comfort for your wrists with their detachable keyboard cushion.

▼ The latest PC cushion from Bandai features Pokémon character Mimikyu.

But what if you want to rest your wrists on a character plushie instead? That’s where the Fluffy Wrist Cushion series from Japanese manufacturer Ensky comes in. Using super soft materials, these wrist rests feature sprawled-out poses to help carry the weight of all your heavy-duty mouse-moving needs, and best of all, the new designs are based on three loveable characters from Pokémon.

▼ Pikachu is ready to keep you company at the computer with an adorably perky expression to help lift your spirits as you work.

“Pikachu will help you with your PC work!”

If you’re looking for a more chill PC companion, Snorlax is here to fulfil that role, with an enticingly plump belly that’s just waiting to be massaged by your wrist movements.

”It’s a wrist cushion but its presence is outstanding!”

Rounding off the trio of new Fluffy Wrist Cushions is Eevee, who’s currently enjoying the spotlight in Japan right now, visiting offices around town, showing us the moves for her official dance, and appearing in the first-ever Eevee Outbreak this summer.

Eevee’s getting a lot of love from Pokémon fans around the country at the moment, so it’s not surprising to see the cute character pop up in this new character wrist rest series. Eevee’s body is a perfect fit for the design, and the super soft material on her back makes it feel as if you’re petting fur with every mouse click.

The new wrist rest cushions can be pre-ordered now from Village Vanguard, where they retail for 2,376 yen (US$20.87) each. Delivery is scheduled for December, which gives you just enough time to rearrange your workspace to accommodate all three, and maybe even an Eevee PC cushion as well.

Source: PR Times
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