Welcome to art college, says Arceus.

Every spring at the start of the academic year in Japan, schools hold entrance ceremonies (called nyugakushiki) for incoming freshman. It’s usually a pretty formal affair, with attendees at the university level wearing suits as they listen to administrators talk about the traditions, expectations, and opportunities awaiting them at the school they’re enrolling in.

But while the ceremony is for first-year students, it’s an important day for the rest of the student body too. It’s their first chance to show their soon-to-be-schoolmates the less stuffy side of campus life, so on the day of this year’s entrance exam at Tama Art University in Tokyo, the welcoming committee included the Mythical Pokémon Arceus!

OK, so that’s actually Japanese Twitter user @wareketsu and a cosplaying cohort teaming up to create the horse-like body of the Pocket Monster connected to the creation myth of the Pokémon franchise’s Sinnoh/Hisui region. Either way, though, it definitely left an unusually shaped impression on the psyche of on all who gazed upon it.

With Tama Art University being, well, an art university, there’s a higher-than-average level of creative exuberance and visual flair to be found. @wareketsu’s Arceus is above and beyond even those standards, though, earning it a photo shoutout from the school’s official Twitter account.

Meanwhile, here’s what things looked like inside the ceremony itself.

Years from now, the students just starting their time at Tama Art University may or may not remember what was said during the ceremony’s speeches, but it’s a safe bet that they’ll never forget seeing Arceus, and the Poké Ball is now in their court to make something equally impressive to welcome next year’s freshmen.

Source: Twitter/@wareketsu via Twitter/@yatsugibaaya
Top image: Twitter/@wareketsu
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