And Tanjiro looks angry.

Running out of source material before reaching the story’s climax is a common problem for popular manga-to-anime adaptations, but it’s been a non-issue for Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. With a three-year gap between the start of the Demon Slayer manga and TV series, the anime still has plenty of storylines and scenes to work with, and fans of the animated Demon Slayer Corps aren’t even close to the end of their adventures.

So while the manga may have ended nearly two years ago, the Demon Slayer anime is just now coming up on the Swordsmith Village Arc, and Aniplex has released the first preview video with footage from the new season.

First, though, the video provides some flashbacks to the anime’s story so far, both as a quick primer for those who haven’t been watching until now and also as a very welcome excuse to once again show preexisting fans the incredible action animation that’s become one of the series’ calling cards. The back half of the video is where it heads to the swordsmith village, with the symbolic unfurling of a scroll marking the start of this new chapter of protagonist Tanjiro’s journey with is companions.

Speaking of which, this arc will be the first chance for anime viewers to properly meet Muichiro Tokito and Mitsuri Kanroji, the Demon Slayer Corps’ Mist and Love Hashira.

There’s also a shot of a very angry-looking Tanjiro taking a dramatic downward swipe with his sword, though we don’t see who, or what, he’s swinging at.

▼ And yes, there will be on-screen swordsmithing, providing yet another opportunity for Demon Slayer to prove that it’s lighting/color design is some of the best in the anime business.

Really, the only thing to dislike here is the lack of any mention of when the Swordsmith Village Arc will being airing, but whenever it does, it looks like it’ll be worth the wait.

Source, images: YouTube/アニプレックス YouTube チャンネル
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