This is a super easy and surprisingly versatile recipe that has us addicted.

Everyone loves instant ramen, but despite the sheer variety out there, there is, unfortunately, such a thing as getting tired of eating it. That’s why we were pretty excited to see a new,viral trend that uses Korean-style spicy ramen, Shin Ramen, in a totally different way.

Videos about “Shin Ramen Fried Rice” sold by Seoul-based supermarket Cora Foods (named because it sells [co]fee and [ra]men) have been blowing up on YouTube lately, so, seeing as previous viral recipes using Shin Ramen didn’t disappoint, we had to try making it ourselves. The recipe seemed pretty simple. All we needed was a cup of Shin Ramen, an egg, one serving of cooked rice, some cooking oil, sesame oil, and sesame seeds.

If you want, you can add other toppings, like Korean seaweed, a second friend egg, green onions, and cheese as desired. We decided to make it just like Cora Foods’ recipe, so we left the extra ingredients out.

Here’s how to make it:

Step 1: Remove the noodles from the cup and place them in a plastic bag.

Step 2: Crush the noodles. If you’re a beast, you can crush it with your bare hands like we did. Otherwise, you can use a tool like a rolling pin or the flat side of a knife.

Step 3: Return the crushed noodles to the container, add the soup powder, and pour only enough boiling water in to cover the noodles. The soup base is the only seasoning required for this recipe, so if you’re not as big a fan of super spicy food or you want to cut out some sodium, you can adjust the amount of soup powder you put in. Cora Foods didn’t hold back, however, so neither did we.

Step 4: Heat some cooking oil in a frying pan, then scramble your egg and pour it in. Once it’s cooked slightly…

Step 5: Add the cooked rice and turn it into egg fried rice.

Step 6: Dump in the noodles, which should have soaked up much of the water by now. Important: don’t throw out the cup!

Step 7: Mix everything together and stir-fry until it’s a nice golden brown color.

Step 8: Add some sesame oil and sesame seeds to the bottom of the noodle cup.

Step 9: Pour your finished fried noodle-rice into the cup.

Step 10: Place a plate over the cup. and hold it tightly as you slowly flip both the plate and the cup.

Step 11: Remove the cup, and voila! You’ve got your very own Shin Ramen Fried Rice.

It looked so good!! It was basically a version of Japanese sobameshi, yakisoba noodles mixed with fried rice, but using Shin Ramen instead of yakisoba.

Sadly, our tower collapsed on our way to the table, but it still looked delicious. And it tasted amazing, too!

It was an exciting way to change up the way we eat one of our favorite types of ramen, a new side to Shin Ramen that we never thought of but makes perfect sense. The addition of the sesame oil at the end really sets it off. It was also a lot lighter than we expected it to be, so we think Korean seaweed and an additional fried egg would make excellent toppings.

It was so good that we wanted to make another plate of it…but eating more carbs on carbs was probably a bad idea, so we refrained. It was a good thing we did, too. About 20 minutes later we felt ridiculously full, as if the noodles and rice swelled up in our stomachs. We never would have thought a meal of mostly carbs would be so filling, but it was!

The fact that this recipe was so effortless and easy made us wonder if there were similar recipes here in Japan, where instant noodles are also a staple of life. We weren’t surprised to find a very similar recipe using Cup Noodles on Nissin’s website. That made us think that you could make instant noodle fried rice with any kind of cup noodle…so now we have a lot more experimenting to do. We bet Curry flavored Cup Noodles would be absolutely divine. Ooh, and don’t forget the instant ramen booster packs!

Guess we know what we’ll be having for lunch for the foreseeable future.

Source: YouTube/The Food Club
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