Beat the heat with “chilled katsudon,” fried pork cutlet served with rice in ice-cold broth

The great taste of ice and fried pork – together at last!

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McKatsudon: Easy to make with new spicy chicken nuggets from McDonald’s Japan

Searingly hot McNuggets meet Japanese katsudon, but is it a match made in heaven or hell? 

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How to turn McDonald’s chicken nuggets into tasty katsudon in five minutes【SoraKitchen】

Transform your McNuggets into a Japanese meal with this super easy recipe! 

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How to make a spicy chicken katsudon in just three minutes【SoraKitchen】

Three minutes to paradise.

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Japanese restaurant chain shows us how to make katsudon in three minutes【SoraKitchen】

Easy recipe behind this tonkatsu rice bowl uses just eight simple ingredients.

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Naomi Osaka slams reporters who ask her to speak in Japanese with new Nike commercial

Osaka has just one word to say in response to all those annoying questions about her ethnicity and her love of katsudon.

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We eat a meal to remember…at a Japanese police station in Fukuoka

Lunch and law enforcement make for a thrilling combination.

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Money-less Japanese diner offered chance to pay later, phones police himself

When store manager refuses to call the cops, man who can’t pay for his meal does it for him.

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This rice omelet, grilled eel, oden, and fried pork are actually cakes! We try them all

We previously ran an article about Maplies, a bakery in Shinjuku that excels in the art of making cake look exactly like Chinese food, namely gyoza, ramen (salt or soy sauce), and tenshindon.

About a year has past since then and our reporter Mr. Sato had a sudden hankering for some cake that looked like egg, crab meat, and rice. He headed down to Maplies only to be shocked at what he found. The bakery had added a whole new assortment of cakes that look exactly like other foods!

Needless to say he bought one of each and brought them back to the office for a taste of pure confusion.

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